Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dodgers vs Athletics

We have been having tons of fun at Lucy's t ball games. She is getting better, and the little ones are just too dang cute on the field. I think it has been a good way for her and Troy to have some alone time practicing on the weekends too. Sorry for the play by play picture overload!

Huddle before the game. Notice Troy ( the Angels fan ) not wearing a Dodgers shirt, but a "blue" shirt.

This week we played the Padres.

I love how this little boy DOVE for the ball!
Lucy wearing the helmet right before she hit.
There she goes!
Giving dad a high five after running to first. 
At second.
Ready to catch the ball ( she played third base this day )
Love how the whole team runs to catch the ball.
"Coach Troy" gets two high fives!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Playdate for Stetson

Last week we went to my friend Natalie's house to hang out and let the boys play ( I didn't take Lucy with me ) We had a great time! The boys got to pick lemons....

 He knows the golf ball isn't a lemon but he had it in one of his hands almost the whole day just because :)
 Their dog Hank was one of the boys all day. 

 We have been using these lemons in recipes all week and they are super juicy and fresh.
 The boys holding their "baby lemons" that fell off as they were picking lemons. 

 They did boy things like running....
mowing the lawn....
 took a tv ( Mickey Mouse ) break...
 ate lunch....
 played with all types of balls...
 and SWAM!

 I love this picture. PURE boy 100%

 Sebastian is a dare devil. He loved running and jumping into the pool. As you can see by the look on Stetson's face, he wasn't too sure and just stayed on the sideline. 
 I thought I would throw out a picture of when Stetson and Sebastian were 1 and 2 months old....I can't figure out how to turn the picture but both boys are on a play mat together :) 

This week Sebastian came to our house and they swam together again :) It has been the start of a great friendship.:) The next blog post you will see Sebastian on will be when we visit his daddy at a Damien High School Football game!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A post about google images!

Thought I would show you some things about me....trying to show ...not hard!
Where I grew up
Where I went to college
My favorite pastime since I was little

Favorite food

 Favorite thing to do
 Favorite summer treat
 Favorite band
 Where I met my hubby ( and where we had our first kiss is in this picture--yes this is not in the US!)
 Where we got married
 My favorite author
 My profession
 One of my animals
 Where I spend a lot of time right now getting my masters
If you want to know any more about any of these pictures, please ask!!!!


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