Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bath time Adventures!

They have so much fun in the bath!

Bubba Love

Our poor cat goes through soooo much. Here Lucy is dancing with him. Keep in mind he is almost 20 pounds!

8 months things to remember!

I posted about Stetson's 8 months things to remember. If you want to read the post ( because I started it a long time ago so it is way back in my here.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

8 months!

Guess who is 8 months????? We finally used his age stickers! I have had them since he was about 2 months and always forget to use them! I think you are supposed to put them on a white shirt, but this looked cute too! I always post at the end of the month about his previous month ....I update the post the entire month and save it, and finally post it when he turns the next month ( does that make sense?) so I will post all about 8 months later! But here are cute pics!

His favorite thing to do....chew on things outside! hehe
I LOVE this pose!

Lucy took this picture ( below ) I think she did a darn good job!

Cousin time!

During Martin Luther King weekend our family from Utah came down and we had tons of fun. Here are pictures from the first night we were with them. We had a ton of fun riding scooters! This one was really neat! An electric scooter!

Lynda and Kristen
Maren and Troy
Me attempting the scooter! I really enjoyed it!
Stetson and Morgan
Lucy and Mayson
Stetson taking a turn on the scooter!

Stetson is SUCH the cuddle bug! Here is proof!

Lucy has actually been a cuddler too!!! She LOVE LOVESSSS her cousins!

Just us

I am doing another blog where I am trying to post one shot a day for 365 days. I almost have taken at least one a day...minus days where someone was sick and it left my mind. Here are some of the shots....obviously most of them are just our fam having fun.

Lucy's picture of dad drinking his milk out of his cereal bowl too :)
Being the little helper she loves to be! Washing dishes!

He feeds himself :)

And its adorable :) this was at 7 months. I love how he gets everything all over him while he is doing it!


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