Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The long awaited....

Pictures of Stetson's quilt that Troy made! Click on any of the pictures to make it bigger. We have washed and dried it twice, the more you wash and dry it, the more ragged it gets. I also am putting in a picture of the rag burp cloth I made with the same material. I am trying! My husband is just so much better! Thank you Troy for being so talented and driven. He did this in like 36 hours ( with sleeping and going to work included in there) so the whole thing probably took him about 4 hours. SUCH TALENT!

The quilt is much bigger, I just wanted to get up close pictures of it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Congratulations Crystal!!

So my long time BFF from 7th grade till now just finished getting her RN degree. She is one tough cookie, always working hard at school and her many jobs. She has worked SO hard and I am so happy she is now finally done. I am also hoping she doesn't decide to like go back and get her masters and phd anytime soon, but I wouldn't be surprised! :) Her mom and aunt threw her a party last night and it was so much fun! There were so many people there to celebrate her and her accomplishments! It was also fun for me to catch up with a lot of her family that I haven't seen for YEARS. Crystal girl I love you and I am so proud of you. NOW GO RELAX HUNNY! :)
Here are a couple pictures she emailed me ( thank goodness because our camera was at home!) The bottom one is her with her friend Lauren's son and Lucy. Crystal is great with kids. Ever since Lucy was born she has mailed her a card with stickers at EVERY holiday. Lucy loves getting the mail, and it is SO thoughtful of Auntie Crystal! We love you!

Carne Asada!!!

Lynda makes the best carne asada, and last week we decided to try making it on our own. It was super easy and SOOO good. The kick is that you have to get this seasoning from this little market by our house. Other than that it is rubbing it in oil, and lemons and onions, and marinating it over night.
We ate burritos with it the first night, and the second night we followed my friend Alyssa's cooking blog recipe for Baked Quesadillas and substituted the carne asada in for the chicken. It has the BEST flavor! oh and we added in limes as well. Troy did it by accident ( he just basically added in whatever was in the fridge drawer), and I ended up liking it but he wasn't a fan.

Disneyland for Grandma's Birthday 2-28-10

Last weekend we went to Disneyland for Troy's moms birthday. We had a lot of fun!
Lucy took this picture! ( below )

Lucy and Lynda on the "L"

For the first time we watched the parade. I was suprised to see Mary Poppins!
Lucy's new love, Daisy and Donald...
Here she is in the brown sweatshirt on Troy's shoulders.

And we had to end the night on her favorite ride!
Happy Birthday Grandma!

Valentine's Day

A little late like usual. This was our Valentine's Day. In the morning we ....
made pancakes and eggs...

Then we took a trip to Home Depot to buy strawberry plants for our new strawberry planter. We ended up getting strawberry plants, tomato plants, and a little flower for Lucy to plant. Here is Lucy planting her flower.

Here is Troy stuffing the planter with our plants. We are suckers for the little gadgets like these. This somehow makes wonderful plants because of the way that the plants get to hang. We will see!
Then my mom came over to watch Lucy and Troy and I went to Outback ( thanks to a family in my class, for Christmas they got us a giftcard and we saved it until Valentines Day)
We also used a gift card we had to Joanne's and got a TON of fabric for Stetson's quilt. We got so much that I am going to be able to make a ton of things with the material other than the quilt. Bibs, receiving blankets, gifts for friends, burp cloths! I told you, A TON! We aren't that good at measuring.

It was super fun and CHEAP!

Friday, March 5, 2010

28 weeks

Well I am 29 weeks now, but the picture and the text are going to be about 28 weeks:)

Things to remember:

- going to the doctor and her getting "strict" with my weight. WHATEVER. I have gained 28 pounds so far, and I have 12 weeks to go, so she said a pound a week or LESS if possible. I am doing my best to eat SO much healthier than I did with Lucy and I am gaining the exact amount every week that I did with Lucy. ( I have access to all my dr.'s appts. for the last 4 years online. ) I can't really do much more. I have been stressed about the weight gain for about two months now and she hasn't been, and right when I decided to give up the stress in that subject, she starts to stress. Ugh!

- got results from my glucose test. I AM NOT DIABETIC. NO WHERE CLOSE! In fact I am hypoglycemic, which is LOW blood sugar, and I have to eat protein now every three hours. It is really actually been helping me to eat protein every so often, cottage cheese, almonds, peanut butter. Now I know why when I ate apples or juice like the dr. said to, I would get majorly dizzy!

- This baby...IS SO ACTIVE! It is hilarious! I feel him change positions..like serious positions ALL the time right now! I know I am going to miss that feeling, so I am enjoying it all I can. It's just hard/funny when I am teaching and I have this thing inside rolling and somersaulting!

- Troy made Stetson's quilt ....like in a day. Have I mentioned this? If so, its only prego brain that caused me to forget. Pictures soon I PROMISE! We decided to do monkeys and jungle theme, and use that as his crib comforter. So we just need to get plain crib sheets and a plain bumper, and WAA LAA! There we have a bedding set that was way cheap. We are doing western theme though for my shower. It was really hard to find western fabrics, and the colors didnt match Lucy's stuff, so we decided on the monkeys for the quilt. If they had separate rooms or we had MONEY we would be doing western, but no such luck.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random thoughts

So my blogger friend Jessica ( yes I have never met her ....but we talk through blogging and facebook constantly so I truly consider her a friend!- one day we will meet and it will be great!) she always posts these random thoughts blogs...and since I am too lazy to post pictures right now I think I am going to do a random thoughts post.
  • I have been bad for the last few weeks at posting my weekly prego updates. I think because I always feel ugly and gross and dont want pictures taken. I know that I am going to regret it, so I will end up doing them again soon, whether the picture is cute or not!
  • I am so over civic duty! I had to report for jury duty today, BLEH, and I have to go BACK tomorrow because they haven't totally completed choosing jurors. It is a HORRIBLE case, and I really have a lot of issues with it, so I hope that tomorrow when I get put in the jurors box, that I can convey that to the attorneys/judge. I feel so bad for people who work in the court system! It is so dry! But people could probably say the same with teaching so I should probably keep my mouth closed.
  • I am a little worried that I am starting to have contractions. I had a lot of stomach pain today in court, and tonight when I got home it seemed to be tightening of the stomach, which are Braxton Hicks. They were pretty constant for awhile, but now two hours later seem to be better. I am hoping they don't come back.....
  • Lots of money issues going on, and kind of scary with a baby on the way. I am definitely losing my job this year, which means we are very likely to lose our house. It is a lot to swallow, but I just keep thinking of the blessings of having two healthy kids and a wonderful husband, and know that everything will work out the way it is supposed to!
  • I am excited to make carne asada! Well tonight I am going to marinate it and tomorrow night Troy will BBQ it. It is a recipe from my mother in law and super easy. I will post the recipe if mine turns out good. Only problem is that you use this blend of spices from this place by my house :( boo for those of you who dont live close....but mail always works right?
  • I am so in love with Lucy. She is such a fun, animated little spirit. She RARELY gets upset, never throws tantrums, even when sick! We may have a bad night every so often when she is overly tired for some reason, but other than that, we are SO lucky. I need to treasure all this time I have with her now, especially before Stetson comes! ( and p.s. I know that I will regret saying she doesn't throw tantrums and all that because I know its coming sooner or later!)
  • I am so in love with Troy! We haven't been able to do much lately. ( due to me being SO tired from working and prego and doing all the normal household stuff that just seems soo tiring right now) Most nights we watch tv.....and dont even talk much past 8pm because I usually fall asleep. He NEVER complains, just lays next to me and wakes me up to go upstairs when he is ready to go up. Last night we had a really good heart to heart talk though and it really warmed my heart ( lots of hearts going on). He is such a wonderful guy, inside and out. I want to be able to have more of those conversations together. Sometimes it gets hard when there is so much else going on or I am just to plain tired, but it seriously was SO nice and reminded me of why I married him :) Also, seriously....whose husband makes a QUILT for their son? and does a MUCH better job at it than you could ever do, in a VERY short time frame? He is the greatest! ( which reminds me I HAVE to post pictures of it ASAP)
I hope this wasn't boring for you, but yet gives you a taste of what is on my mind. :)


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