Thursday, March 24, 2011

A little info about me

I got this from another blog and thought I would share some info about me!

- I do like to blog (despite my off-and-on-ness with it recently). I blog mainly about my kids and rarely have pictures of myself on here, however it is my goal to blog more about me, and experiences I have been having, a journaling type of blog every once in a while.

- - I like goals. I used to make a lot of goals, and now I just have small little ones mainly, such as finishing books or creating a craft I have seen online. My big goal is to get my Masters degree. Well, I am in my first Masters class!!! I am attending Concordia University ( private Christian college like Point Loma ) and I am in a cohort that meets at a high school in Placentia. There are 12 of us. The hardest part so far is juggling the work now for that class along with everything else I am doing.

- - I love reading. Love it. I have a Nook color and I have a Nook app on my phone….so I read WHENEVER I can!!! My goal is to have 12 books read this year….which doesn’t seem like a lot, I am thinking 1 per month. It has been halted since I am reading so much for my Masters class currently, so I hope I can get back on the bandwagon

- Favorite food: anything Mexican….and lately Round Table Pizza. I die for it!!!! Favorite places to eat: well Round Table, El Torito Grill, In N Out, CafĂ© Rio

- - Favorite color: no idea anymore! So sad huh? If I think of a subject I can name colors I like. For example: quilts: blues and greens. Bathroom and bedroom: blues and browns. But I don’t have an all time favorite color I anymore.

- - Favorite guilty pleasure: If I told you I would have to kill you J right? Probably reading WAY too many blogs each day. I follow SO many! They make me happy though!

- Favorite TV Shows: American Idol, Bachelor/ette, Mike and Molly, Rules of Engagement, The Office, Undercover Boss, Most shows on the Food Network that aren’t about desserts ( cupcake wars? Come on! )

- Favorite thing to do on the weekend: go for our morning walks and out to breakfast! )

- Thing I am looking forward to in the next little while: finishing my first masters class, my vacation to San Diego with Troy and Lucy, spending the summer with the fam!!!! First time Troy won’t be working!!!! J

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Audrey turned 5!

Playing limbo! It was such a cute idea for the little ones!
They didn't really get the idea of how to play....but they stood in line really well :)

Making fruit loop necklaces!

Wiley sure enjoyed them!
I tried to get a picture of Audrey eating her cupcake ....
But she was too embarrassed ( and polite! )
Lucy played with the older boys a lot.
And Stetson was the social butterfly. He is being held by the guy in the blue sweatshirt there...and Stephanie's mom held him quite a bit too.
Finally a picture of Steph and I! :) ( and baby #3 in her belly )

Too cute!

I LOVE Lucy's new do!

My Little Artist!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Valentine's Day

Getting ready for Valentine's Day by filling out ALL her Valentine cards. ( well scribbling on each one and putting the lollipop in )

Troy took the kids to a Valentine party that girls in our ward threw, they had a ton of fun. I asked him to get some pictures and I think he did a good job :) I rarely take the camera with us anywhere anymore for fear we are going to lose it! ( hence the lack of pictures )
Here Lucy is putting Valentine's in all her friends bags.

Troy even took the kids to Target that morning and got them something with red or pink to wear. ( do I have a good husband or what?)

They even had a ton of fun as brother and sister at the park :)

Most of the kids.....:) There were a lot!

Here is Valentine Morning ( so these pictures go before the party pictures )

Here is Stetson's present....
And Lucy's....I even went to the donut store that morning and brought back Valentine decorated donuts! Lucy was in LOVE!

And here are Troy and Stetson playing with the cars....notice the one on Stetson's head?

We had a great day!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baseball fun!

Behind our house we have a wonderful grassy area that we take advantage of ( and no one else really does! ) This day we were practicing hitting baseballs with our neighbors....after playing in the hose!

Stetson had his fun too!

Us lately.

Wearing mommys shoes and lipstick.

Having fun on the slide in our backyard. I love the different faces as he goes down the slide!

My big kids drinking at the table. ( I don't know why this is showing up blue and underlined )

Daddy/daughter love :)

How adorable are these shoes?
Lucy took this picture :)
Chilling on the bean bag chair.

Watching tv....hehe.
Lucy is a big helper!

Yes there is a naked child in the background.....she would rather be naked lately than anything else. And Stetson enjoyed sitting in Lucy's big girl chair....until....
He fell RIGHT after this picture was taken....right on his face. :(
Lucy took these pictures too!

Overall these are little snapshots of us on a daily basis!


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