Saturday, July 31, 2010

Visit with Friends

A few weekends ago our friends Livi, her sister Linda, and Gidge and Logan came over to see Stetson and visit. Here are some pictures I took while they were here.

Here is Livi showing Logan and Lucy pictures of when they were a month old and they were in the pac n play together. They were soo cute. The following pictures are of the kids looking at the pictures of themselves.

They brought lunch over for us, and Logan and Lucy sat and ate together.
Playing away....
Dirty but cute faces...totally pictures of their personalities....the calm one...
The more dramatic one!
It is amazing how differently Lucy plays with boys. Boys just aren't drama, they don't care if she takes their toys, so I guess that is probably why :) I think I am very happy to have a boy and a girl....I dont know if I could handle two girls!!!!
Here are Gidge and Linda taking the Color Code test to find out what colors they are. We just LOVE the Color Code. I dont know where we would be without it! It explains so much about people and their personalities!
Lucy and her "happy face" HAH! Just kidding! She was being weird, eating a cupcake outside. It was WELL past her nap time.
Logan came to say hi :)
We had a great time visiting and playing!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

OC Fair with the Wood's

Last week we went to the OC fair with my friend Cherie and her family. We had a lot of fun!!! And so did Lucy and her daughter Riley. We got random pictures, I didnt want to have the nice camera out all the time and I ended up holding Stetson for a good deal of the night once he slept, so I got only a few pictures. Here is Lucy getting ready to pet a calf.Goats! She loved the animals!
Sooo they were milking this goat and she went right up and put her face in the bucket they were milking it into ( AS THE MILK WAS GOING IN! ), no shame at all. Everyone started laughing, and she continued with petting it....we were lucky it was a nice goat!

Only picture of Riley and Lucy :( But a cute one at that!
We used the bjorn :)
Stetson was allll smiles for a long portion of the night ! I got a ton of pictures but will share a few.

Lucy and Troy and Riley and Rob went on the big slide....

We called this ride " Dumbo " :)
Cherie and I. Cherie is due in September with a little boy !! We are so happy for her!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Staying inside CAN be fun!

I have said it on here and I have said it to many people, I have felt really guilty about keeping the kids inside this summer, but I am learning to deal with it. I have a newborn and a 2 year old that only does things when I am right next to her ( ie: wont do swimming lessons, wont do the park without me doing everything with her, and so on) so I haven't gotten out much at ALL. It is now finally getting to me, and summer is almost over for me. I know Troy will be better at getting out with them!! Anyways, Lucy has been having fun inside! Here is proof!

If you look closely below you can see Lucy's name!
Onto working with glitter glue!
See the purple happy face? :-)

And here is what she made for the 4th of July! The white things are supposed to be fireworks!

Stetson 2 months

It is getting harder to put him on this horse! I might regret taking these pictures monthly on the horse, but oh well! I started it! Sorry for the not-so-professional pictures here!

So this is more for me....I documented notes during the last month to post so I could remember what happened when with Stetson. Here goes:

At 2 months Stetson : Eats 5 ounces every 3 hours.

Stetson 5 weeks- started talking A LOT—few smiles

Slept through entire firework show. ( 4th of July)

Totally started a routine of going to bed around 7 or 8—waking up between 12-2am and then again about 4 or 5 …eating and then up at 7ish eat…sleep till 9. Last night did 8-1:30am then didn’t get up until 6am! Lets hope it continues!

6 weeks-total growth spurt—very hungry for a few days and only wanted to sleep, he was very upset when we tried to keep him awake. Sleeping most nights from 7-8 to 2-4 in morning.

7 weeks- Started smiling A LOT! Tried putting him to sleep on stomach in pack n play instead of bouncer, he has done great. No more swaddling, which I am happy of because it is so hot outside and I hated swaddling him when we are dying of heat. The only thing that has happened this week that is weird is that he has been waking up around midnight, three and six for feedings instead of sleeping through the midnight feeding. Is smiling much more often and talking/cooing a ton. He seems to be selective about doing it though even though he is doing it more.

8 weeks- started drinking 5 oz and using number two nipples, smiling ALL the time! Usually when he lays down on the changing table is the best spot for smiles! We stopped the number 2 nipples for now because he was choking. Nice to have a bottle done in 10 minutes rather than 25 minutes with the number one nipple, but not nice to have him choking! The day after he turned 2 months we started him wearing 6 month clothes. I can't even believe it. He is soo long! I am so anxious to see his stats when we go to the doctor!! Now is back to waking up at 4 or 5 am, MUCH better!

Stats won't be up until August 17th, we had to wait almost a month for Stetsons 2 month appt, meaning he will almost be 3 months! But we love our doctor so we dont care!

Updated: his stats as of August 17th:

Height = 26 inches- 98% percentile

Weight = 15 lb. 8 oz -92% percentile

Friday, July 23, 2010

Stetson 7 weeks

I cannot believe Stetson is so big already! I tried to take some pictures of him before we left for the Orange County Fair..he has really started smiling this week! Here are a bunch of new pictures of my little man! Stay tuned for his two month post soon ( after we visit the doctor).

New New NEWWWW!!

Since we didnt go on vacation this summer, we decided to use the vacation money on new couches! They are amazing to say the least! We custom ordered them to be exactly what we wanted ( including larger cushions and down inside them!!!) and we are very happy with the purchase! Here is our living room with nothing in it!

And here is the new couch!!!
I dont know why this one has white spots on it, but there are no white spots on the couch ( yet! haha)
The boys in the family have officially declared them comfortable!


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