Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dodgers vs Athletics

We have been having tons of fun at Lucy's t ball games. She is getting better, and the little ones are just too dang cute on the field. I think it has been a good way for her and Troy to have some alone time practicing on the weekends too. Sorry for the play by play picture overload!

Huddle before the game. Notice Troy ( the Angels fan ) not wearing a Dodgers shirt, but a "blue" shirt.

This week we played the Padres.

I love how this little boy DOVE for the ball!
Lucy wearing the helmet right before she hit.
There she goes!
Giving dad a high five after running to first. 
At second.
Ready to catch the ball ( she played third base this day )
Love how the whole team runs to catch the ball.
"Coach Troy" gets two high fives!


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