Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bubbles with Daddy!

Lucy loves her new bubble gun! The best part---spilling the container of bubbles upside down...EVERY time!

So glad to be close!

Lucy and I have spent a lot of time lately with our friends and neighbors Gwen and Darci. They live in our complex, and it is so nice to be able to walk over to their place and hang out! We have been going to Sonic and getting Cherry Limeades ( THE BEST!) and doing lots of water activities! Here are the girls playing out front in the blow up pool. Yes it looks white trash but we simply don't care and either do the girls. And yes that is a diaper champ by my front door, I dont normally keep it there, I was airing it out! :)

It was hard to get the both to look at the camera!

Yummy popsicles!

Father's Day

So this is soo sad, but the only picture I have to document our Father's Day celebration ( other than the one we did a week early) is this! For Father's Day weekend Troy and I went golfing, and out to dinner and a movie. Well, I shouldn't say WE went golfing. I actually decided it was too cold to golf and I didn't want us to have to fork out more money for me to play, so I sat in the cart and was Troy's cheerleader. I also read 150 pages of my new book ( above) My Sister's Keeper. WOW, I was bawling on the golf course! Troy would come back from a hole and he would be like, "what the heck is wrong?" Aghh! I am not done yet, because I have been sewing A TON, but I will finish it soon! I also had to take a picture of the peanut butter crackers I got from the snack bar. I love these crackers and hadn't seen them in soo long!
After golfing, we went to Macaroni Grill, and then saw The Proposal. It was so good! I loved it! I loved that it was a wholesome movie that didn't have any cheating in it! That is one of my pet peeves. And the whole day was a mere $50. The price for Troy to golf! We had dinner and a movie from gift cards I got from my students at the end of the year! It was a great day and thanks to Grandma Lynda! She watched Lucy that entire day and then overnight, and took her to church with her the next day. I hope it was as good for Troy as it was for me! He is the best daddy to Lucy and husband to me! He deserves the best back!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Playdate with Braden

Last week we went to Disneyland with my friend Christine and Lucy's friend Braden. We had a ton of fun, even though it was HOT and CROWDED! Come to find out I think we went on a day where a lot of peoples passes were good for the last day before they were blocked out all summer, so they were trying to get their last day in. We still enjoyed it, the kids were GREAT, and we even left early to go get In N Out and the kiddos enjoyed shakes! I didn't get any pictures of Disneyland itself but I got pictures of Braden and Lucy afterward at our house. The pictures are very candid, which makes me love them more!
Oooooh the fish!!

Mommy he isn't paying attention to me!! Already drama!

Ok, if I stay by the fish he notices I am alive!


I decided to try and be crafty and make play-doh. It turned out really well! Lucy had a blast and she ended up in the tub because she started rubbing it in her hair. But she had tons of fun so that is what matters!
And here she is rubbing it in her hair while watching t.v. gotta love it.

"Maybe I can play with it and watch t.v. at the same time.....


So Lucy is finally getting the idea of icing her owies when she gets one. I had to shoot some pictures of her....

And, of course you have to eat the ice after your owie feels better!

Happy Tuesday!

I love this picture of Lucy in her high chair! Just thought I would share!

Goin Fishin'!

So about a month ago at my school carnival one of the girls in my class won a fish for Lucy. This expanded all the way to the next day us buying a tropical fish aquarium and 6 fish...and well just going allllll out! Of course right? That is how Troy and I do things! We couldn't just let the little goldfish be all alone in a bowl! Anyhow, here is an ok picture of the aquarium minus the fish. The goldfish died in about a week, and we ended up killing all but one of the new fish ..I think we majorly overfed them! So now we have one original fish , and two new ones and they are doing great! I will get a good picture of them and post soon!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Celebrating Father's Day a little early.

Troy's grandparents came over and we celebrated a week early. I didn't take any pictures of the dads really..but I got some cute shots anyhow!
Playing with Great-Grandma Sherman

Lucy loves to put lotion on everyone..including her babies

Reading with Great Grandma and Grandma

Lucy is lucky that her Grandparents let her do just about anything to them!

So when we lived with Steve and Lynda Lucy was very small and we used this bouncer a lot! Lucy found it upstairs and decided to get back in! Must have brought back a lot of memories :) hehe.

Playing outside..one of Lucy's favorite things to do, especially at Grandma's where she has SO MANY fun toys! Here she is wearing my sandals.
Trying to go through the doggy door...another favorite.

I know it is not a good picture of Lucy, but we hardly have any pictures together so I had to put it on here.

Grandma got a fun water playmat...and boy Lucy had tons of fun!

Another day of smiles at the Sherman's household! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

5th grade vs. Teachers Softball Game

Yeah, we got blasted by them.
A girl in my class...I love her. She was wearing my sunglasses and my jacket, and she took some of the following pictures while we were in the outfield.

Some of the faculty who played :)

Crazy that all but three of these teachers won't be there next year. They won't have a team!

Ramil hitting a home run! (I think)
I was SOOO bad out there! I liked to talk more than play, so a bunch of balls went straight for me and I wasn't even looking. One even hit me in the shin while I was looking to the right and talking.
My friend Laurie taunting the fifth graders on the bench.

Kaymi up at bat!
Cindy heading to 1st base.
Valerie, Whitney and Glenda.


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