Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shower #2 for Stetson

Way behind on the blogging ( because Stetson is here!! ) before I post the birth stuff, let me finish on the showers! This shower was thrown by some of my close friends and my two moms at Lynda and Steve's. It was super fun ( except for the anxiety attack I had before and after! ugh to hormones! ) and we were TOTALLY spoiled!!

The theme was western, hence, "Stetson." The red velvet cake pictured above is AMAZING just to let you all know. They carry them at Cost-co!
This quilt was made by my friend Darci. She is amazing at sewing!!! I was so honored to have her make me/ Stetson a quilt! Her button for her sewing blog is on the right hand side of my blog, called Stitches and Scissors.
My mom and mother-in-law.
My friend Crystal has an etsy shop where she sells tutus, bling binkies, tons of adorable stuff! She made Lucy a tutu, and made Stetson a bling binky that came packaged like this!
Crystal also made me the BEST basket ever, and she went with the theme of Stetson's "crib" because we don't have a nursery for him. In the basket she included burp cloths that had these little wooden figurines on them!!! CUTE OR WHAT??? I love it!

Here is the basket Crystal made before I opened it!
Notice the Cowboy hat box in the background with the huge STETSON on it!
The yummy favors! Chocolate bars with this label on them.

We played this hilarious game where we tried to melt the ice cube that this baby was in and if we did we yelled " My water broke!" and we would be the winner. It was funny seeing the competitive people try to win!
We had YUMMY mexican food, we made salads that were copied from Cafe Rio. MY FAVORITE!
Crystal and I.
Andrea, Abby, and Darci ( the one who does all the sewing )
Julie, Ellie ( her baby ) and I.

Trying on a hat Stetson was given :)
I LOVED all the cowboy stuff!
My friend Cherie's daughter Riley.
We of COURSE had to get an Angels warm up suit! We also were given an Angels hat, Angels onesies, an Angel towel....he will be decked out!

My aunt, my mom and I.

Thank you to EVERYONE involved! We were SET after this shower!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mani/Pedi for Lucy and Mommy!

This past Saturday Lucy and I were pampered! We went and got Lucy a mani/pedi and me a pedicure. It was soooooo nice! Usually I say when they ask if you want certain scrubs or treatments, this time I said yes to everything! Other than being totally uncomfortable in the chair just due to Stetson...blah blah was SUCH A TREAT! This was Lucy's first time, so I wanted Troy to come along in case she didnt want anything to do with it. She was PERFECT! The ladies were way impressed! I think this will be something we do more often! We didnt take a picture of Lucys fingernails but they are the same as her toes, pink, with flowers on the big toe. :) And I got pink with polka dots, my traditional order when I get my pedicures once a year!

Finally time to relax!!! She loved the vibrating chair!
Talking to mommy while they finished my pedicure.
Afterwards we got pizza! What a wonderful morning!

Mother's Day 2010

We met my moms side of the family on Mothers Day at Arnold's, this place in Long Beach that I grew up going to on Mother's Day. The food isn't that great and it is way overpriced, but we HAD to continue the tradition right? And our goal was spending time with family and that is exactly what we did. Here is a picture of my little Lucy having fun carrying around purses.
My mom and Lucy.
My brother and the goose.
My brother, mom, me, my cousin Cherise and my aunt Barbara ( my mom's sister)
All the women of the group. The ladies on the far left are from my Uncle's side of the family, his sister and her daughter Amber. Lucy really loved Amber.
Attempts at family pics that never really work with Lucy.

Me and my pregnant 38 week belly. As I write this post I am 40 weeks and 2 days!
I HAD to add this in. So if you know me at all, you KNOW that I am freak about germs, cleanliness, and well, expiration dates! AFTER we ate we went outside and were taking pictures and talking and I noticed my brother staring at this poster. If you click on it, it will become bigger and you will see what we saw.
Yes, thats right, they were in violation of many many things by the health dept. and most of them had to do with things that I FREAK OUT ABOUT! Needless to say I was scared for the rest of the day that we were all going to die. But, we are still here and Stetson is fine in my big belly, THANK GOODNESS. EGH!
After this we went to Troy's parents house to eat again with his family and Kyle and Crystal and Trey came! They suprised Lynda for Mothers Day. They were here for the rest of the week and we went to Disneyland with them and even got to find out the gender of Crystal's baby that is due in October, they are having a GIRL! Two boys and two girls for the Sherman grandkids!

Preggo update

We will start with a picture of me at 38 weeks pregnant on Mother's Day.

For those of you who are interested....
at 36 weeks I was 1 1/2 - 2 centimeters dilated
37 weeks I was 2 centimeters dilated
38 weeks I was 3 1/2- 4 centimeters dilated

Currently, today, I am 39 weeks and 3 days. It is Monday, and I am due Friday. I have been having contractions everyday just not consistently since my birthday, April 27th and it is getting VERY ANNOYING! It has been hard because we had Lucy two weeks early ( twelve days ) and we just expected Stetson would be the same. AND my doctor told me at 36 weeks that I DEFINITELY would not make it to my due date. It is all of that false hope that gets you down! Troy is now getting anxiety about it all, so he isn't sleeping much, and I am definitely not sleeping much at all! I am feeling bad about Lucy, these are our last days together, and I can barely MOVE! Nothing is comfortable, and she has kind of started throwing fits a lot lately, I think due to all the new "baby brother" talk. It hasn't been horrible, but it definitely makes me not want to go out of the house all the time ( for many reasons ). Right now she is with my mother in law who decided to get Lucy out of the house and take her to dinner and ice cream. She was SO happy. We have been having some good cuddle time and bonding time, it just makes me feel bad that its not super duper fun probably to her.
Just wanted to update anyone who was reading or wanting to know. My next dr. appt. is Wed at 11:40am. I am hoping obviously to NOT make it to that appt., but if I do, I hope I am dilated to a 5 . I keep hoping for more progress, more progress, any of that kind of news is good. Just hoping that its not very much longer!
( I also have had bad anxiety about the fact that I have to actually DELIVER this baby--and nightmares of Lucy's birth come to mind---but dealing with Troy's anxiety has led me to not have to think about that as much because I am worrying about someone else!)
Phew! Hope that all made sense!


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