Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kitchen Fun!

Mmm pears!

Bending over to see her reflection.

An attempt at taking a picture of her below!
So I was making my famous Chorizo Burritos ( well they are famous to Troy) and Lucy can't really handle me being without her at the she screams until I hold her. I couldn't hold her so I put her on the counter while I was cutting potatoes. She decided to eat some raw potatoes, she literally picked up the potato and was eating it like it was an apple. I decided to give her a better taste and switched it out for a pear. She was happy with that switch. Then she was bending down so she could see herself in the silver spatula...she was basically playing peek a boo with herself in the spatula. It was adorable!

Baby on the loose!

Yes Lucy knows how to walk, yet she WON'T! She has decided that crawling is quicker! We know that at some point she will go with walking so we are in no rush. I can't believe she will be 13 months in two days.

Random Pics

The first sewing creation! A hat and scarf for Lucy!! However the hat fits me instead! Oh well, we can be matching mom and daughter!
Ellie and Bubba both LOVE Lucy's new chair she got for her birthday!
Of course Lucy loves it too!
All grown up! Pigtails, mini skirt and SHOES!( she hardly EVER wears shoes so I HAD to get this picture)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Give away!

Hey girls!?! Looking for an adorable cape for your little one? Enter this giveaway!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Apple Delish!

So my friend Stephanie blogged about this great apple dish that includes Mountain Dew and I just HAD to try it! I made them tonight and even though they didn't LOOK that great ( especially the one that exploded in the middle right because i stuffed it tooo much, they TASTED wonderful! I should have put them all in the same pan but I wanted to give them room to get bigger..oh well they were still wonderful!
Here is the recipe from her blog....

Apple Crescent Rolls

Serving Size: 16
Preparation Time: 1:00
2 cans crescent roll -- Pillsbury
2 each tart apples -- sliced thin
1 1/2 sticks butter or margarine
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 can soda -- Mountain Dew
Separate crescent rolls into triangles and place 3-4 slices apple at the wide end. Roll up and tuck point underneath. Place in long Pyrex pan--All 16 rolls. Melt butter and add sugar. Boil for 1 minute in microwave or until sugar is melted. Add cinnamon. Pour over apple rolls. Pour can of Mountain dew over top. Bake for 45 minutes at 350 degrees or until light brown.

Serving Ideas : Tastes great with ice cream! Yummy!

NOTES : Pecan's are also optional

Thank you Stephanie and her friend Sara for this excellent dish!! And up next, my friend Tawny's mexican food.....carnitas here we COME!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Visit from cousins

I loved this picture even if Lucy's eyes turned out weird...
Wait...why is Mayson wearing the cone????
Giving Mayson a hugPlaying the piano
Mayson loves Lucy!!
Popsicle Party!! Grandma Lynda bought popsicles and the past couple of days has been giving them to Lucy. She is LOVING them! In fact yesterday she ate 2!! So it began, the popsicle party.....


Wow that was so much fun!!!!
The Sersansie girls came to visit from Utah ( they used to live in Huntington...we miss seeing them often) and even though Lucy was recovering from all of her sicknesses..she was still happy to see them. She would play with them whenever she didn't really see me...( yes she is on the BIGGEST mommy attachment EVER!!!) and the girls were so sweet to play with her and entertain her even when she was a bit fussy and under the weather. We didn't get to actually "do" anything outside the house with them, but we did visit at our house Friday night, and have dinner together Saturday and Sunday night. We hope to see them again soon!

Poor doggie

Before surgery...shes getting big!
She loves Lucy!

After surgery....she was soo out of it!

The ever so popular "cone" or "lampshade" poor thing!
Yes poor Ellie got spayed during this last week. We didn't think about the fact that it would be a tad bit harder with Lucy being sick and being home with our doggie with the conehead..but overall she is seriously the best dog so it went ok. It was done laproscopically so she had WAY less recovery than most animals, hence the picture of her stitches...only three small spots and she didn't have to have an I.V. or anything like that. We did find out she has a mite problem, so she too is on antibiotics, as well as me ( for sinus infection) and Lucy ( for her ear infection). Troy has to give her an acid bath once a week for a month as well. Yikes! I will have to post about that one after it happens. He has to wear gloves and a mask! Anyhow, we love our Ellie and are happy we can rest in the fact that we won't have any doggie periods coming soon!

Sick girl at the beach

When Troy was off with Lucy he took her to the beach ( San Clemente Pier) one afternoon to get out of the house and have a little photo shoot. Some of the pictures are SO GOOD but I am putting the ones that turned out ok...we are going to try our best to work with photoshop to see if we can salvage any of the other ones. She did pretty good for being really sick.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

High school!

Instead of doing the many things I need to do...I will do this high school tag!

High School Tag...Saw this on a friend's blog...Enjoy!
FILL this out about your high school! The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be!! Re-post with the name of high school and graduating year.

Newport Harbor High School 1999

1. Did you marry someone from your high school? No way Jose!

2. Did you car pool to school? Well freshman year Lauren and I ( the Stofle Family on my blog list) used to ride our bikes to school....or was that Junior High? i cant remember!! agh! and the rest of the years I would usually go with my boyfriend in one of his crappy cars.
3. What kind of car did you have? 87 VW Cabriolet...white with a maroon top that I got put on it to make it unique

4. What kind of car do your drive now? 2007 Ford Expedition!!

5. It's Friday night...where are YOU (then)? stuck at home while my boyfriend called me to check in and make sure I was home and not having fun. (its true i tell you)
6. It's Friday night..where are you (now)? hanging out watching tv, playing games or EATING with Troy while Lucy is upstairs sleeping...or DISNEYLAND

7. What kind of job did you have in high school? Many!! I worked at Fashion Island at a ton of different stores. Garden Botanika ( like the Body Shop), a coffee shop, a smoothie shop, Natural Wonders, Bath and Body Works, Starbucks, my dads work

8. What do you do now? teach 5th grade!

9. Were you a party animal? HAHAHA i wasn't allowed to be ( the boyfriend again)...but thats ok I'm glad I wasn't
10. Were you considered a flirt? once again..not allowed.
11. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? nope

12. Did you get suspended/expelled? Nope

13. Can you sing the fight song? what fight song? lol

14. Who was your favorite teacher? Mr. Daniels--history teacher...most amazing man

15. Where did you sit during lunch? usually at boyfriends house or in the quad

16. What was your school's full name? I think Newport Harbor High School...thats it. Yes it is the same one that was on MTV, that was actually my brothers graduating class that was the cast of that show ...and it was exactly like the show The O.C.
17. What was your school mascot? Sailor- duh..two seconds from the ocean

18. If you could go back and do it again, would you? NO WAY! to be honest, worst years of my life...if i didnt have a boyfriend it would have been WAY DIFFERENT and I probably would have enjoyed it!

19. What do you remember most about graduation? Soo excited to be done.
20. Who did you go to prom with Senior year? Robert Bohart/ Shirar...the freak i dated the entire 4 years. can you tell i am bitter. hehe

21. Did you have fun at Prom? No, he was ( well I will leave the bad parts out) a little out of it...and ordered two limos for us..lets just say the night was chaos...if you want more details just ask me!

22. Do you still talk to the person you went to Prom with? NO WAY once again!

23. Are you planning on going to your 10 and/or 20 year reunion? Nope.

24. Do you still talk to people from school? I talk to the few that I would like to talk to. Facebook has been great for that. Maybe the 30 year when people will not just look at the outside anymore...isnt that sad? I'm not talking about everyone...but the boyfriend just put a sour taste in my mouth for all the memories I have.

Okay - now your turn. What do you remember?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fabric Giveaway!

Go to the right side of my blog....underneath my friend Darci's sewing page... ( stiches and scissors) click on the dog button....enter the giveaway!! I cant figure out how to leave a link to the button on this just click on the button with the dog on it!
Whoo hoo!!

and read my new post below please :)

1 year check up and more bad news!!!


weight: 26 lbs 8 oz- 98% percentile

height: 32 1/2 inches- 95% percentile

We had a LONG appt and basically this is the verdict....

cold- with a BAD cough, runny nose,

swollen infected eyes---side effects to a new EAR infection

teething BAD

and the hand foot and mouth is going strong..especially in the mouth. Actually the dr. said it usually doesn't spread as much as Lucy's as. Of course right?? AGH! Poor girl!

Troy took off Mon-Wed. I will take off Thursday-Friday and I have next Monday off already, yet we still need to quarantine ourselves until the blister things go away. I still take her for walks and all..i mean the girl is going CRAZY!!! This is officially the worst I have ever seen her in her whole life. She is still getting NO sleep...I can't wait until this is OVER.

And I went to urgent care last night and am now on 3 different medicines for a severe sinus infection.

This post is just to let all of you who are healthy reading rejoice in your health!!! And for documentation look back on...when we are healthy again.

Good news--we got the sewing maching back and Troy and I made a scarf and hat! Picture will come!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not so good news

Lucy ....poor poor Lucy. I think she has a cold, is teething ( i know this one--not sure about the cold) AND has hand foot and mouth. Yes you read that right....we were at the dr's yesterday because she had a rash..and that is what it is. The only problem? The sores in her mouth!! Its soooooo sad. I know its very common...but I have never had a fussier baby. Her throat is sore, she is DROOLING constantly...and wont eat ANYTHING. So pretty much its from daycare....she has done REALLY good at daycare since she started actually...being that this is January and she has only been sick once. But now we need to keep her out until her sores are gone...which who knows how long that will take. The worst part is that she cant be around any other its like isolation, which is VERY hard for us!! AND, she wakes up about every 40 minutes throughout the night...Troy really wants to give her benadryl to help her sleep and I refuse...

So Troy is off work for now, I might take over starting Wed....lets just hope Lucy gets better soon. It is SO sad to see her suffer....TOTALLY not herself..I know all you guys know exactly what I mean...I read it in your blogs and now I know how you feel. And I have been battling a cold which led to a sinus infection all last week..lets hope it goes away....i just had a sinus infection a month ago and dont want to take medicine again.

Some good things to think about however:
-grandparents watched Lucy this afternoon so Troy and I saw Seven Pounds. ( WOW that is a heavy movie! Will Smith is my favorite actor though so I loved it)

-Lucy is taking about 10 steps by herself and has been for about a week. I dont push it though, I know it is only going to get harder as soon as she starts full force)

-my car is doing great and is getting 18-20 miles per gallon! who hoo to that! its soo comfortable!

- when Lucy is happy...she loves walking around the living room with her baby saying " baaaaaby, baaaaaby" and it is so adorable to watch!

Hopefully I will have a GOOD update soon!

Friday, January 9, 2009


4th picture 4th folder...I have done a different tag before...i think 3rd pic 3rd folder...but I love to get tagged so I will do this one too! This picture is from one of our camping trips in our rig....and I can't remember the name of the place we were at...but I will edit this post to add the name...this was a great area ...
Troy made me take these pics :)

A little artwork he chose to do while we were taking pics. How adorable is he?

This is our campsite and Troy doing what he does best..eating applesauce straight out of the jar. We are a famous couple for doing that with applesauce. We usually finish 1/2 the jar the first time we open it...agh..we are that way with ice cream too!

Thanks Tawny!
I tag....Jen Ven, Stephanie ( yeah! Steph is blogging now!) and Kat Fuj!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Eve

I know that these pictures are WAY late..and tomorrow I am going to post Christmas Day pics....I have to post about Christmas! I have been too busy lately to post because it takes me SO long to post ...but better late than never!
So one of our traditions we started was homemade chili in breadbowls on Christmas Eve. The pic above is a sampling of the one I ate.
Ha ha ha. We dressed Lucy up in a santa suit ....and here is her first reaction. Is this not a GREAT picture????

Yet another perfect shot!

She finally got used to it!

Helping daddy set up her new car
Her new bib from grandma

Lucy loves her new ride!

We started a tradition of wearing pj's, drinking hot cocoa and watching the Polar Express! Here is my mom and brother getting ready to watch the movie. However I have to note my mom fell asleep within the first 10 minutes.

Troy and I getting ready as well...with our lovely matching Christmas PJs we wear every year.


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