Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not so good news

Lucy ....poor poor Lucy. I think she has a cold, is teething ( i know this one--not sure about the cold) AND has hand foot and mouth. Yes you read that right....we were at the dr's yesterday because she had a rash..and that is what it is. The only problem? The sores in her mouth!! Its soooooo sad. I know its very common...but I have never had a fussier baby. Her throat is sore, she is DROOLING constantly...and wont eat ANYTHING. So pretty much its from daycare....she has done REALLY good at daycare since she started actually...being that this is January and she has only been sick once. But now we need to keep her out until her sores are gone...which who knows how long that will take. The worst part is that she cant be around any other its like isolation, which is VERY hard for us!! AND, she wakes up about every 40 minutes throughout the night...Troy really wants to give her benadryl to help her sleep and I refuse...

So Troy is off work for now, I might take over starting Wed....lets just hope Lucy gets better soon. It is SO sad to see her suffer....TOTALLY not herself..I know all you guys know exactly what I mean...I read it in your blogs and now I know how you feel. And I have been battling a cold which led to a sinus infection all last week..lets hope it goes away....i just had a sinus infection a month ago and dont want to take medicine again.

Some good things to think about however:
-grandparents watched Lucy this afternoon so Troy and I saw Seven Pounds. ( WOW that is a heavy movie! Will Smith is my favorite actor though so I loved it)

-Lucy is taking about 10 steps by herself and has been for about a week. I dont push it though, I know it is only going to get harder as soon as she starts full force)

-my car is doing great and is getting 18-20 miles per gallon! who hoo to that! its soo comfortable!

- when Lucy is happy...she loves walking around the living room with her baby saying " baaaaaby, baaaaaby" and it is so adorable to watch!

Hopefully I will have a GOOD update soon!


Brooke-Lynn's Mama said...


I'm SO sorry to hear all that's going on with little Lucy. Poor little monkey! It sounds EXACTLY like what my little Brooke-Lynn goes through(minus the isolation part!)I know allllll to well, (unfortunately) how hard it can be. It must be so hard having teeth break through your gums. I really feel for our babies. Isn't it sad? Well, I wish I had some better advice (I should considering everything I've been through), but I don't, I will say a prayer for you guys instead :) xoxoxoxo

Kelly said...

Oh no! I hope Lucy is feeling better quickly. Sickies ruin everything. I am hoping (holding my breath) we can stay sicky free before our trip.

Sleep sacks are the halo (there are others) sleep sacks that are blankets that zip up around your baby. This way you don't have to worry that they kick their blankets off or that it goes up over their head. I think it has become a single to the girls that it is nap/bed time.

Kelly said...

signal not single :(

megan said...

bummer. praying for you guys. i am right there with you. riley has been sick for about 3 months. cold flu. now they say,
"oh wait maybe its allergies and we have been treating her for the wrong thing."
yeah-ya think. its been hard. so im right there with ya sister!
good luck and praying for a speedy recovery and some good solid sleep :)

Jessica said...

Sick babies are no fun :( We've had lots of sickness here in the past two months so I totally feel your pain! It's so hard :( I hope Lucy gets better very quickly!

Tawny said...

Ahhhh, poor Lucy! I can't believe that! My nephews have had that before and I know that the kids and parents are miserable until it goes away! I'm glad it didn't work out on Saturday as much as I feel weird saying that :(
You should really try to get in contact with your County Office of Education to find out more about the daycare we were talking about that one night...maybe that would help in the long run?
Hope she feels better soon :)

The Trapp Family said...

Bummer poor Lucy girl! And poor Mom and Dad. I hope she feels better soon I can't imagine being quarantined like that. Hang in there!

krista said...

poor baby girl! hang in there mama...i know it's HARD! especially when you are sick too :(


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