Friday, January 28, 2011

8 months

Things to remember:

- The day he turned 8 months he pulled himself up to his knees and then to standing....UH OH! Please don't tell me he will walk early! I am good without that thank you very much! :)

-Still trying to break those top two teeth

-LOVES to go for walks! We can go for a 2 hour walk and he will not make a peep! Soo content! I love it!

- Still sleeps at least 12 hours straight at night and takes a 3-4 hour nap during the day. We have got an amazing sleeper on our hands!

- When we walk into his room ( well our room ) when he is awake from a nap or after the night, he is standing up smiling at us!

- Favorite milk and peanut free snacks? cheerios, banana, black beans, graham crackers, ritz, avocado, soy yogurt, oatmeal

- He knows how to stand up and then bring himself back down to the ground without falling ( yahoo!)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random Pictures Lately

Lots of ice cream has been eaten in this household lately! Potty training doesnt help! haha! Good cheap bribe!

I guess Troy and Lucy do this a lot when he takes her to get ice cream in the day time when I am at work. They let Stetson sit in his carseat but talk to him while they are eating. So sad that he is allergic to dairy and cant eat any!
Talking a Sat morning walk.
Date night!!!
Hanging out watching the boob tube!
WAY too many puffs!

I love how many are stuck to his arms!
My cuddle bug! My favorite thing to do with her in the morning before work is to give BIIIIIIIIG hugs! We do it all morning while I am getting ready.
And of course add some sillies in!

Pretending to sleep!
Pretending to be mad.
Drinking her milk after finishing cereal.

Ditto ( Lucy took this picture )
Helping wash dishes! This 3 year old age is VERY difficult. Hardest yet with her, but there are SUCH rewarding moments in there too that I NEVER want to forget!

New Years Eve!

We won tickets to the OC Block party off of a blog and ended up having a blast! Troy's parents watched the kiddos ( they had tons of fun- they had a little new years party with Lucy and tried to get her to stay up until midnight. She POOPED out at 9! That was two hours past bedtime for her!!!
Waiting in line. IT WAS FREEEEEEZING that night!
They had over 50 food trucks. Talk about to DIE for. I had been doing Weight Watchers until Thanksgiving and was so sick of dieting, this was a good splurge for me!!! We ate A LOT! This was Troy standing in front of our favorite food truck. ( didnt realize the trash can was there...I was trying to take a picture and not embarrass him at the same time so I did it quickly )
Second stop. We got empanadas from here. They were so so.
This was from our favorite truck. It was a pulled pork sandwich with creamed corn and spices mixed in. MELT IN YOUR MOUTH GOODNESS!

The empanadas ( sorry the pictures are out of order )
I got stuffed grape leaves from a greek truck. ( Troy wasnt happy with my decision ) he hates them.

This sandwich was wonderful!!!! It was from a Korean truck. It was Korean marinated meat, and it was like a philly cheesesteak. Two GREAT combinations!
There were like 5 or 6 different stages playing music from different eras. ( inside stages)
We spent a majority of the time at the demolition derby! My first and definitely not my last! It was hilarious and crazy to watch!

We ended up leaving at 10pm because I couldnt handle the cold anymore, but truly we had a great time!

Bathroom Re Do!

Our project over Christmas break was to redo our bathroom. We were given a lot of money towards it from Troy's mom and dad for Christmas!!! Sooo exciting! So here is our nasty bathroom beforehand. We forgot to take pictures of the floral wallpaper border that was up, but I am kind of glad we did!

Parts out!

Lucy had a ton of fun painting!

Paint done, new flooring in.

We actually had planned to get a nicer sink vanity but the placement of our pipes led this to be our only option. Long story. It was rather depressing ( I loved the one we had chosen) but I wasn't in the mood to try and move pipes!

Ta da! My husband is AMAZING!! Last on the list that we haven't done, is add the baseboards. They are in our kitchen waiting to be cut and just has been a busy month!


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