Thursday, June 19, 2008

4 new posts!!

Sitting in the big purple chair waiting to be called.

Oh I am soooo tired! She was eating her placemat ( yes I cant believe I even let her put it in her mouth..I cant believe how much I am stretching and changing as a mother)

Aunt Donelle and Uncle Kim
Great Grandpa and Grandma Sherman
At the bar, drinking my ice water! She loves it!

On Tuesday night we went to the Spaghetti Factory to celebrate Father's day with Troy's dads side of the family. I LOVE the Spaghetti Factory!! Yum yum! And Lucy did great! We got there an hour early and she sat with us in the bar, and then for dinner and she sat in a highchair the entire time, until, well you saw the picture, she basically fell asleep in the chair :)

A good time was had by all !

Santa Margarita Beach Club

I just love books!

On Monday Claire, Lucy and I went to the beach club. I had only been walking around the lake, never to the beach club. It was perfect for Lucy. There was like no one there....( now there will be because school is out) and they have a little sand area where she sat down in the water and then I took her to a shallow part that was deeper with no sand where I could sit down and she could play. It was adorable!! Thanks Claire!

Date night

Sterling and Troy playing Dance Dance Revolution!
Air was soo much fun! At one point it gave us 3 pucks at once to use!
Sterling and Claire playing as well.
Troy working hard and concentrating on Dance Dance Revolution! HAH!

Last Saturday Sterling, Claire and Troy and I all went to Gameworks in Long Beach and had dinner and played games. It was really fun! We haven't had a date night in what seems like forever, so it was needed! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Sherman! And thanks Claire for getting us out of the house every once in a while!

Yet another Angels Game

Whoooo fireworks!!!

Last Friday night was Mormon night at Angel's Stadium and we had so much fun! Lucy wore her Angels warm up outfit that was purchased right when I found she was a girl last summer. We even stayed for the fireworks! I didn't want to because she was tired...yet I got talked into it and boy was I glad! She loved them!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I need HELP!

Does anyone have any good remedies for either a.) baby sleeping at night....or b.) dealing with teething? i am not sure if it is the teething that is making lucy not sleep at night or the fact that she is learning that we will come to her aid if she cries at night. She started this probably 3 weeks ago...really hard when she was sleeping from 8pm-7am for a very long time. Now she is up all the time! And last night was the worst yet. I think it was a combination of shots and teething. She was on fire hot, and wouldn't stop moving all night. She was crying every 5-10 minutes from 11pm-8:45 am! you read that right. NO SLEEP FOR MOM. I finally gave her to Troy at 6am so I could sleep until 8am.
I am at a loss for what to do. I am giving her tylenol every 5hours... teething tablets when it gets real bad....i dont know what else to do!!! I need ANYONEs advice..whether I know you or not, please comment!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

5 1/2 month weigh in!

Sooo we were a little late on getting Lucy's 4 month shots because she was sick at the we finally did them today. The big news.....19lbs 3 oz!!! haha! She is the cutest little one ever!!! And she is wiped from those darn shots, sleeping away right now. Just thought I would give an update!

My Personality Test Results

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Thought I would share some results from personality tests I just took! Take the tests and post them on your blog! It's fun!! My how my results have changed since I got older!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Make up for lost blogs...or time i should say

Last weekend we went to Mission Viejo Lake. Lucy's first time at the lake was when she was a week old....but this time she got to go swimming! and oh boy did she like it! She was extremely tired and hungry and she still loved it! We bought this little contraption for her to float around in the water and that was a hit! After her dip in the lake she sat up all by herself and ate her baby food and then took a nice snooze in her car seat, leaving some alone time for mommy and daddy.
Yes, Lucy is sitting up all by herself now. She had a few weeks of doing it for a minute or two, and now she sits up like a pro!!!

She likes to wipe her mouth and stay clean!! ( ya right ..sometimes we just get lucky)
Lucy went to her first Angel's game not too long ago and she was SOO good! I was scared because 8pm is her bedtime and the game doesn't even start until 7...but she suprised me and did great. We brought her in the bjorn and then she just sat on our laps once we sat down....she LOVED the lights and the atmosphere.

This was at Disneyland at the petting zoo....

Here is a picture of Lucy wearing Grandpa's hat....its just a biiit too big. :)

Here we are visiting Lucy's other Grandpa...( my dad)
Daddy is watching tv in this picture.....
And Lucy is watching tv in THIS picture!! like father like daughter

Well for my birthday weekend we went to Catalina...I don't want to bore you with the hotel pictures, but here is a cute snapshot of us :)

And our haven we found that served great drinks! ( virgin of course!)
Here is a snap shot of Lucy enjoying (????) her baby food for the first time...i never have my pictures in order...sorry..this one should have gone at the top!

A side note.. I am out of work now until Mid August....trying to enjoy my time off with Lucy..BUT she is going through some big phases right now!!

1.) crying hysterically if I leave the room and someone else is holding her.

2.) teething? i have no idea what is happening but for the past month she wakes up nearly every hour at night...and drools, chomps, that whole bit...but yesterday and today she has been SUPER fussy....hardly taking any naps and if she does..she wakes up every 10 minutes.....I am pretty sure this isnt it..but i wonder if it is just weird that I am home now with her and she is getting used to the change...slowlllly? i wonder if this could be it? all i know is i am using teething tablets and tylenol to try to help. We will see.

by the way..I PROMISE to be better at blogging now that I am off of work!


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