Thursday, June 19, 2008

Santa Margarita Beach Club

I just love books!

On Monday Claire, Lucy and I went to the beach club. I had only been walking around the lake, never to the beach club. It was perfect for Lucy. There was like no one there....( now there will be because school is out) and they have a little sand area where she sat down in the water and then I took her to a shallow part that was deeper with no sand where I could sit down and she could play. It was adorable!! Thanks Claire!


Crystal Lee said...

Awww I love these pictures, and I love this place in RSM. I just threw a bridal shower at the "fiesta room" its faboulous! I had such a great time with you girls yesterday, thanks again for a wonderful day!

Trapp Family said...

Our ward is going to do a day there once a week...we will have to try it out!! She looks so cute in her bathing suit!


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