Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random Pictures

An attempt at spiky hair!!!! ( along with a sticker from sister )
Sporting our Angel Gear!

Enjoying her halloween shaped cookies. We made funfetti cookies and used cookie cutters that were pumpkins and bats and ghosts.

ALS Walk October 2010

After a few year hiatus, we were finally able to go do another walk for Lou Gehrig's disease in memory of my grandfather who passed away 4 years ago. My wonderful Uncle got together a bunch of people from Montebello to come and walk with us in memory of him. My grandpa was very active in the happenings in Montebello, as his office was there. Here are some pictures that we took that day!
The team from Montebello.
Lucy wearing her shirt we made. We also made them for my cousins Henry and Nick, and my Aunt and Uncle.
Lucy taking a picture of me :)
Stetson chilled during the walk. This time the walk was in downtown Pasadena.

Tanaka Farms

We took a trip to Tanaka Farms finally! We have been wanting to go there forever, and this was at the tail end of October, so we HAD to go! It has been raining quite a bit, so we were worried about being in the mud, but it was a blast! First stop, a ride to tour the property....on this baby!
Here are some pictures of our ride...

I think these may have been strawberries! Can't wait till strawberry season to pick them here!
Picking carrots! We picked green beans as well!
Oooooooooo! Ghosts!
Miles of corn!

And of course the attempt at family pics! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Stetson's First Trip To Disneyland!

We caved! We got passes!! WE ARE SO HAPPY WE HAVE PASSES AGAIN! We went from June to now...( October ) and couldn't take it any longer! We had a blast, and now that I am writing about it and it is almost December...we have been many many more times since this post!
Waiting for Daddy to buy our tickets. Lucy gets her own pass on her 3rd birthday in December!

Waiting for Small World.

Of course we had to do the carousel!!!
Stetson was as happy as could be! The stimulation was great for him!

Halloween Decorations

I know this post is late but.....whatever! Here are a few of our decorations this season. They never look as good on the camera....with the lights and all. Just FYI, there are orange lights in the bushes :)

Grandma comes to visit

My mom has been gone since September ( unexpectedly) because both of her parents who live in Oregon are having a really hard time and she needed to help them make the trip back to CA ( to move and stay ). She came back for a week in October to take care of a bunch of stuff and visit the grandkids. I didn't get great pictures but needless to say here they are! Here are the kiddos waiting for her to come, watching a little tv...
This was also the same morning the binky fairy came so Lucy was putting together her puzzle.
Lucy wanted Grandma Jugan to help her put together the puzzle as soon as she got there!

Stetson happily watched!

The Binky Fairy Came!

Here is Lucy with the bag of binkies....we had QUITE a few!

Here is what the Binky fairy left for her! A huge Ariel puzzle!!! She even left her fairy dust all around as well!
Lucy the next morning getting her present!! She did REALLY REALLY well. One night of crying to go to sleep....never again after that. HOWEVER she did give up the nap---the 2-3 hours a day...WONDERFUL nap! But for us it has been ok ( well I work- but Troy is ok with it now) because she is going to bed much easier, and staying asleep a lot more at night because she is exahusted...and we dont have to think about the DANG binky! Note to self: She gave it up in October of 2010....before she turned three in December.


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