Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5 months

-changed his formula from Enfamil Nutramigen to Good Start Gentle Plus during the 1st week of him turing 5 months. HE DID GREAT on the transition and I was soooo scared! Good news is no milk allergy!

-was a Monkey for Halloween and had so much fun! He is such a good boy!

- wakes up generally 1 time a night now- update at 5 1/2 months started sleeping 12-13 hours straight really often. Let's hope it continues! Just so happened it was when we started feeding him squash.

- LOVES to blow raspberries

-LOVES when we click our tongues!

-was photographed half naked inside a pumpkin!!!!

-excema flare up at the same time as Lucy...we need to do an allergy test...poor boy!

- eats bananas, apples and ice cubes in the food mesh holder

- loves applesauce, peas, peaches, bananas, squash ( all the baby food he eats at the moment)

-eats 1 baby food container a day, NOW ( at 5 months 3 weeks) drinks about 4-5 8 oz bottles a day

These pictures are not on the horse yet...but we have a few days before he turns 6 months so hopefully I will update with horse pictures as well.

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