Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Binky Fairy Came!

Here is Lucy with the bag of binkies....we had QUITE a few!

Here is what the Binky fairy left for her! A huge Ariel puzzle!!! She even left her fairy dust all around as well!
Lucy the next morning getting her present!! She did REALLY REALLY well. One night of crying to go to sleep....never again after that. HOWEVER she did give up the nap---the 2-3 hours a day...WONDERFUL nap! But for us it has been ok ( well I work- but Troy is ok with it now) because she is going to bed much easier, and staying asleep a lot more at night because she is exahusted...and we dont have to think about the DANG binky! Note to self: She gave it up in October of 2010....before she turned three in December.

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