Saturday, October 31, 2009


This post starts a day before Halloween with Lucy trying her costume out and eating her first candy from her daycare.....
Fun Dip for the first time!

Smarties! Yum!
Now here starts Halloween! We carved pumpkins on Halloween morning. Lucy loved it!

Seeds are all gone Daddy!
This is sooooo fun! Gooey too!

My pumpkin
On to Trick or Treating....our first stop was Grandma's friend Vicki's house. This was a house across the street. The people wanted to watch the football game that was on so they put signs up everywhere saying to go to the window and yell Trick or Treat, and they would put candy down the shoot. Lucy loved it!
Vicki giving Lucy her choice!
Sitting with Vicki....
Now onto Ladera Ranch..our FAVORITE place to Trick or Treat. We had the BEST time. Adorable cul de sacs, GREAT Halloween atmosphere...every house is decorated! This was our second time going here and I think we are definitely into a tradition. Its so perfect for little ones!
A few of the cul de sacs had food set up ...they had neighborhood pot lucks before Halloween started. I thought this was adorable because they had a set up for little kids to eat too ( the small tables in the background ) This particular cul de sac had a tv out front to watch the football game as well!

Another street with more pot luck set up!
Of course there were tons of people in their little golf carts.
Every house went allllll out with decoration!
Lucy got a kick out of the skeleton in the ground.
HUGE spider!

Make shift gate and graveyard......
I loved this grave!

By the end of the night she was pooped! But by the time we got home she had gotten her second wind :)
And at the end of the night I had fun separating all the candy!!!
Happy Halloween 2009!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin City Trip

Well I decided to ditch out on sewing tonight so that we could go get pumpkins !!! It was super fun, even though FREEZING! Nicer than it being hot though! Lucy rode a pony...the pictures explain it all!
3 feet tall!
Waiting in line for a pony ride.
Why do I have to go with this strange man?
Nevermind..get me off of this thing!
Much better!
Weeee ponies are fun!
Hi Mommy!!
Be nice please pony....
High five Daddy!
Cheeeeeeese again!
I can pick up the pumpkin all by myself
This pumpkin is different mommy...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Irvine Park Railroad!

So we were supposed to meet my friend Tawny and her family at Sea World today...but I had an extremely rough morning...( I will post about that in the next post) so we stayed close to home and went down the road to the pumpkin patch. Lucy was NOT in the mood to take pictures or smile, I think it may have been due to the fact that there were SO many people there and we forgot her stroller, so she was walking in sheer chaos. We decided to go to a grassy quiet area instead, and ended up getting some cute pictures!

Walking to the pumpkin patch...

One of the only smiles

You want me to smile MORE?
Heading toward a hay maze

Sit still? NOPE
And again....why are you putting me in a area FULL of spiky pumpkins???

When I choose to do it it's kind of fun

Heading to the grassy area
Who hooo! Freedommmm!


Peek a BOO!
Funny faces!


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