Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin City Trip

Well I decided to ditch out on sewing tonight so that we could go get pumpkins !!! It was super fun, even though FREEZING! Nicer than it being hot though! Lucy rode a pony...the pictures explain it all!
3 feet tall!
Waiting in line for a pony ride.
Why do I have to go with this strange man?
Nevermind..get me off of this thing!
Much better!
Weeee ponies are fun!
Hi Mommy!!
Be nice please pony....
High five Daddy!
Cheeeeeeese again!
I can pick up the pumpkin all by myself
This pumpkin is different mommy...

1 comment:

Brooke-Lynn's Mama said...

Okay the pony pictures are absolutely hilariously cute. I showed Aaron and he started laughing. I love how it's like a little story :) She is so insanely cute Sarah! I can't wait to see how beautiful the baby sister/brother is going to be! Lucy is going to be such a great Big Sis!!!!!


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