Saturday, April 30, 2011

11 months!

I cannot believe he is SO close to turning 1!!!! AGHH!!! Where does time go?

Things to remember:

- He is VERY clingy when I come home ( i love it but Troy doesn't )

- Drinks 3 bottles still a day ( breakfast, lunch and night time---all 6 oz ) At the moment 1 of those is completely soy milk. Updated -- he is at 2 bottles a day by the time he is 12 months he will be completely soy.

- Got his first bad case of diarrhea ( not like anyone cares) I think it is due to teething....poor kiddo. Update: we now think it was due to the almond milk we were trying with him. The other day he would have slept alllllll day long if we didn't wake him up so I imagine he is having a growth spurt too!

- 102 fevers with teething....dang teeth!

-Got his 6th tooth--if you are looking at him it is the tooth on the left of his left front tooth.

-Started clapping (when we say "clap your hands!" or "yeahhhhhhh" )

-Knows where his ears are

Monday, April 11, 2011

10 months---cheesy smile!!!

Yes, we have gotten the cheesy smile!!! We loved it when Lucy started giving hers...and love Stetson's just as much!

Soooooo big!!!

Lucy playing with her ipod touch I gave her. I never used it!!!

I tried making pancakes with soy milk.....i loved it, but the family wasn't so sure. We are moving onto Coconut milk because I haven't heard the best things about soy milk. I hope Stetson outgrows his dairy allergy!!

Playing a new game from Auntie!!! She loves to work with numbers!

Things to remember:

-Says mama, dada, mo ( more ) ba ( ball ), and uh oh

-Loves doing "sooooo big!"

-goes up and down the stairs by HIMSELF! dear lord what have we gotten ourselves into?

-eats graduate meals ( the gerber brand ) like a pro! we could wean him off formula and bottles now but i dont want to! he needs the nutrition!

- went to the allergist, we now use Selsun Blue for his scalp issues ( not helping them ) and we have a scratch test scheduled for peanuts when he turns one

- LOVES throwing food and toys on the floor!!!

Beach fun!

Back in February when it was getting warm....( then we went back to frigid and rainy ) we went down to Huntington and had breakfast and walked around. We took the opportunity to take some cute pics too!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Giving it up!

As of March 29th I decided to give up aspartame. This mainly had to do with all the diet soda and light yogurt I eat/drink. I feel like there have been so many people who have found out they have cancer lately...and I have always felt like aspartame has something to do with it. So, I am done. It hasn't been hard at all in fact. I don't drink ANY water at all, so I have been trying to drink water...and I am better at it at home, at work is hard because of teaching. I think it is going to be a much better decision for my family too!!! :)


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