Monday, April 11, 2011

10 months---cheesy smile!!!

Yes, we have gotten the cheesy smile!!! We loved it when Lucy started giving hers...and love Stetson's just as much!

Soooooo big!!!

Lucy playing with her ipod touch I gave her. I never used it!!!

I tried making pancakes with soy milk.....i loved it, but the family wasn't so sure. We are moving onto Coconut milk because I haven't heard the best things about soy milk. I hope Stetson outgrows his dairy allergy!!

Playing a new game from Auntie!!! She loves to work with numbers!

Things to remember:

-Says mama, dada, mo ( more ) ba ( ball ), and uh oh

-Loves doing "sooooo big!"

-goes up and down the stairs by HIMSELF! dear lord what have we gotten ourselves into?

-eats graduate meals ( the gerber brand ) like a pro! we could wean him off formula and bottles now but i dont want to! he needs the nutrition!

- went to the allergist, we now use Selsun Blue for his scalp issues ( not helping them ) and we have a scratch test scheduled for peanuts when he turns one

- LOVES throwing food and toys on the floor!!!

1 comment:

krista said...

have you tried almond milk? i'm using it for me since i eliminated dairy for malia. i love it! or...maybe he's allergic to almonds?


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