Thursday, April 30, 2009

My birthday-celebration #2

On my real birthday, Monday, Lucy and I met Troy at Duke's in Huntington Beach. I love Duke's and I have been there quite a bit to celebrate special holidays. Dinner was great, and we even spent some time on and around the pier. I truly had a wonderful day! Troy surpised me with presents ( I had already gotten clothes on our anniversary vacation so I said not to get me anything) and the day after my birthday he got flowers sent to my work! Stargazer lilys! My favorite! He said it was ok to celebrate two days in a row. I was totally spoiled. Thank you Troy boy!!!
This is not the age to get her to pose for pictures!

I love this picture of Troy!
Lucy loved dipping the spring rolls into this really good "boat" of sauce.

Trying to keep Lucy entertained while waiting for dinner. Troy did a GREAT job!

We even got Lucy to ride on some random guys skateboard ....she had so much fun!
Hmmmmm..mmm. yummmmy
Troy loves this picture. yick!

The classic picture you have to take of yourselves...hehe
Lucy liked one of my birthday presents!
Huntington Pier--Ruby's is on the end with the red roof.

Giving momma hugs.
A Willow Tree statue..I love them! Thank you Troy!
The book I have been wanting for awhile. It's really good so far!

Lucy looking in at my presents!
A great night was had by all! I can't believe I am 2 years away from being 30!!!!

My birthday-celebration #1

I only got two pictures of the night, but I have to post them. Sunday afternoon Troy and I went to an Angels game ( courtesy of one of the kids in my class!!!) and my mom watched Lucy. Then we came home and my brother came over and we went and bought a new BBQ and BBQ'd hamburgers and had a feast! Thanks to my mom! We ended the night with Wii Fit! And here are my only two pictures! Their first attempts! Hilarious! My brother Michael.
My mom attempting some sort of yoga pose!! As you can tell we can't stop laughing the whole time we are doing it, so we never get anything spot on! But it is STILL fun!

Trip to my hometown

A few weekends ago we went down to Newport Beach...and after it taking almost 45 minutes to get there..and 45 minutes to park, I realized why we don't normally go there! Geesh! But we had a ball, and after the beach we went to Spaghetti Factory! My favorite!!
Lucy loves to play in the sand!

She loved putting it on her legs.

It may have been hot outside..but the water was FREEZING!

We were saying "hi" to daddy!

Well a little late

I never posted these last pics of Easter...the Easter egg hunt! For my own personal purposes I HAVE to blog about it! Lucy hung out on Easter with her bud Luke, and they had SO MUCH FUN hunting for eggs. I was a little TOO into it, and I was scared she wouldn't care at all, yet she totally was into it! In fact for the last 3 weeks she has been playing with the eggs everyday in her little bag she collected them in. And, she never really realized there was candy inside, so all the hunting for peanut-less candy and stuff she wouldn't choke on? Well, didn't really matter!

Playing piano together!

Lucy wanted to ride the car and Luke wanted to see how it worked. Total difference between girls and boys!

How am I going to get THAT egg?

Luke got it first!!

Right on top of the light!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Baskets!

The Easter Bunny brought Lucy a basket at our house...but instead of it being a basket it was toys and candy in a new stroller! Lucy was in love!
She also had eggs that had Little People toys inside.

This basket was from my mom to Lucy. RATHER LARGE!

This basket was from Grandma Lynda, it was all Little People stuff as well. Can you see a theme?
Opening all the new toys!
New Sunglasses!!
New books!!
New toys!!
All from ONE basket! Yikes!
Even a golf set!! Thank you Easter Bunny (s) !!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Eggs a la el Goodwill!

My friend Alyssa found the coolest way to dye eggs! Check out her blog ( The Griffeth Family) for how to tips....I will just show a little of the process. A little time consuming for me..but they turned out AWESOME so it was worth it! The tie material ( I got from Goodwill) and light colored fabric.
The little eggs all ready and waiting to be boiled.
In the hot tub!!
The fabric ran a little.....but the eggs were still perfect!
Bad picture, but here is the finished product. If you click on the picture you will see a better up close view of the little paisley and designs from the ties. Fun idea Alyssa, here is to making them every Easter!


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