Monday, April 20, 2009

Dying Eggs

Sooo I had huge plans in store for us...and Lucy did SO good. I cannot believe she is only 15 months. By the way she acts you would think she is much older. We had so much fun dying eggs together. We did it on the kitchen floor and it seriously was precious. She threw ( literally )eggs in cups, tipped cups of dye over, drank the dye, and then dyed eggs eventually....just some of them turned brown because she liked to put them in multiple cups. Oh, and I forgot to change her clothes dangit, soooo her ADORABLE outfit I love ..well the shirt is toast. But I guess it is worth the memories.

If you click on the picture to make it bigger you will see all the cracks!!! This was MOST of her eggs.

YUCK! Colored vinegar!

Yeah...I forgot to mention that she dyed the eggs that I didn't cook correctly. Therefore they busted sometimes when we just HELD them!

"Look Mom, I PROMISE! I didn't eat ANYTHING!"


Buckeyemom said...

Precious....Love the one of Lucy licking the spoon!

Darci said...

so funny that she tried to eat the dye!!!


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