Thursday, April 30, 2009

Well a little late

I never posted these last pics of Easter...the Easter egg hunt! For my own personal purposes I HAVE to blog about it! Lucy hung out on Easter with her bud Luke, and they had SO MUCH FUN hunting for eggs. I was a little TOO into it, and I was scared she wouldn't care at all, yet she totally was into it! In fact for the last 3 weeks she has been playing with the eggs everyday in her little bag she collected them in. And, she never really realized there was candy inside, so all the hunting for peanut-less candy and stuff she wouldn't choke on? Well, didn't really matter!

Playing piano together!

Lucy wanted to ride the car and Luke wanted to see how it worked. Total difference between girls and boys!

How am I going to get THAT egg?

Luke got it first!!

Right on top of the light!

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KFuj said...

I love the picture of Luke and Lucy sitting by the piano!!


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