Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are you serious?

Just had to add this post in, another health update on Lucy. So to follow the rest of the health post. On Friday she received a new prescription for new Ear drops from a Physicians Assistant because she said Lucy's ears were still infected. On Monday Troy took Lucy to an ENT because we really wanted more advice from someone in the field directly related to Lucy's problem. The ENT saw what the PA prescribed and told us to stop using those drops "immediately." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Turns out that he said in the ENT world they know not to use those drops. Those drops can actually do damage to the INNER EAR!
Enough said. I am having a very very hard time with doctors, nurses, PA's lately. Luckily I LOVE my nurse that I see for my OB appointments. I know this isn't "Kaisers" fault, it is not the hospitals fault, we just have had A LOT of bad luck. I need to take some type of action though about this PA and about the ER doctor back in December that prescribed wrong doses for Lucy of different medicines. I want to watch out for the sake of others kids you know? Poor goose.
She now is getting a 2 year molar that is killlllllling her, and has a yeast infection. Sorry TMI.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

22 weeks

Ok so I am getting confused on when to post and take pics. This post is about the 22nd week but the picture is 23 weeks 2 days. Close enough !!!
Well not much to write about this week of pregnancy...funny how the second pregnancy you aren't focused on the baby or yourself AT ALL because there is so much else to worry about! Including my sick daughter!
Things to remember:
- Morning sickness has come back a bit and the smells of things are making me really sick again...
-Finding out I gained 11 pounds in the last month--FREAKING out--think I have gestational diabetes but don't want to go get tested yet because I have to go in a month anyways.
-Try to change my diet a little to have less sugar.
- Realizing when I look back at my last pregnancy stats on Kaiser online....that I gained 13 pounds in one month during this time of pregnancy. SOO, maybe this is my explosive month? Hope so !!

Lucy's 2 year stats and health update

Her 2 year appt. was actually about 25 months instead of 24 months ( but that NOT because we didn't make it to the doctor!)

Date: 1/22/10
Weight: 88th percentile 30 lbs
Height: 85th percentile 2 feet 11.5 inches

I can't believe that she is not topping the charts anymore! Not even in the 90th percentile anymore!

So most people already know all of this but I really want to document it so that I can remember it. Here is Lucy's last month in a nutshell ( healthwise):

- Around Dec. 15th- have a week long 103 fever that doesn't go away. She acts normal, however the fever doesn't stop. We take her to the doctor three times within a week, and the first time that we go I mention checking for a bladder infection. Doctor says no if she isn't crying everytime she pees, and they would need to catheterize her to check so it's a no go. Second visit is an ER visit because she starts diarrheaing ( sorry TMI) and not eating. ER is 4 hours total and they say virus. Troy goes one day later and DEMANDS tests done because this is not normal. Doctors do catheter, x-rays and blood work. Catheter stuff shows bladder infection ( NO really??) x-rays show chest virus, and blood work shows anemia. Troy vows to never again do the catheter, says he was on the verge of tears the whole time. I was at work :( poor guy. Lucy gets put on antibiotics and gets better in about 10 days.
- Dec. 28th- RIGHT after she finishes the antibiotics for the bladder infection she comes down with a cold. We had family in town for the holidays who were REALLY sick ( one with the swine flu led to pneumonia) and well, most of the family caught the germs. ( luckily Troy and I were spared) Lucy doesn't just get a cold though and have it go away after a week or two. Lucy gets REALLY sick with anything! We spend the next 3 weeks dealing with the cold, that leads to a really bad cough, ( NO SLEEPING FOR THREE WEEKS) and then leads to double ear infections. People wonder why I am such a germ freak? Well this all is why. We go to Urgent Care the first weekend in January because Lucy has dark yellow junk coming from her ears, both of them, and she is screaming bloody murder. This is when they say double ear infection and put her on amoxicillin.
- We complete 8 of the 10 days of the new antibiotics to no avail, Lucy is still not sleeping and is coughing bad. We go back to the doctor and they say they wonder why the last doctor gave Lucy amoxicillin. Lucy has tubes, and therefore most kids with tubes are very resistant to amoxicillin because they have it so much the first year of their life. Basically we gave her that 8 days of new meds for no reason. They diagnose a sinus infection and new antibiotics and ear drops that we are supposed to use anytime we see junk coming from her ears. Keep in mind this yellow junk has been oozing out for two weeks now and is like tree sap. They also tell us to give her Motrin for inflammation and Zyrtec for congestion and allergies.
- We go back yesterday for a check up on the ears ( they seem to be doing much better and the medicine is almost to be done with!) 11:00am appt. dr. says looks almost cleared but not totally. This is the 2 year appt. where we finally document her stats and she ends up having to get more bloodwork done poor thing.
-4:00pm same day as dr. check up I see blood dripping out of Lucy's ears. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Take her to Urgent Care and there is a nice PA who sees Lucy who says she really needs to go to her ENT that put the tubes in for a check up on those....and prescribes MORE ear drops for Lucy because she thinks that the ear drops we were using were not working properly.
- Therefore it is now January 23 and we are STILL dealing with infection, sleepless nights, and dripping ears. ( the ear drops are a huge pain and now we have to do them four times a day!)

I thought tubes were supposed to help??? :(

Thursday, January 21, 2010

If I only had more time........

I LOVE this blog! Oh my gosh! She is so creative! I just found it today and just HAVE to share! Especially if you have a girl or like to sew!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lucy's 2nd Birthday Party

Better late than never! I feel like I always write that on the blog! For Lucy's 2nd birthday, we had it at Lynda's house and invited just family. We figured we would start the friend thing next year. We did it on Jan. 2nd, so she had some time to breathe after Christmas. It was a Yo Gabba Gabba theme, and it was a success! She loved loved loved it!! Here are the t-shirts we made for us to wear. Lucy wore Foofa, Troy wore Plex, and I wore Tootee. The sun was very bright, we should have taken this picture inside. OH well!

We had a BBQ, hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, chips, beans.
Lucy and Grandma
Lucy's cup :)
Lucy getting a first look at her Foofa cake! She kept sticking her finger in the frosting!

Perfect height for chips and dip for Lucy.
Trying out the big people chairs! They loved it!

My brother Michael, my mom and my cousin Morgan.
Steve, the barbequer!
Lynda, Monica and Tyler.
Randy showing us that the food was delish!
Troy hit it off with my cousin Cherise's boyfriend Daniel. They ended up going golfing together last week.
Lucy and Ethan playing.

She was shocked at first that everyone started singing Happy Birthday.
Blowing out the candles!

Foofa's head was a cream puff and her stomach was a snowball! We had a family friend make the Foofa and put it on a Costco cake.
A little cleaner than last year, you think?
Opening presents! She did GREAT this year. It was fun to see her reactions.

I would say it was a great night! I hope everyone else had fun too! :) :)

Mary Poppins Christmas Present!

One of my Christmas presents from Lynda was a trip to LA to see Mary Poppins! I am not really a theatre person, but I am learning that if I know the story beforehand, it makes it SO much better! It was raining that day, so I didn't take the camera out a lot, but here is what I got!Amber, Vicki, Crystal, Lynda and I.

It was a long day for the guys, Kyle ended up watching Lucy and Trey all day inside ( raining) and wasn't too prepared for it poor guy. After we got back from LA we met the guys at Shogun and shared a boat! Yum yum!

Cafe Rio Opening and Irvine Spectrum Fun

So our FAVORITE Utah restaurant decided to open up in CA! And what do you know? ON OUR STREET!!! Amazing to say the least. We LOVE this place, especially their chicken salads, homemade tortillas, their amazing dressing! We were one of the first customers the night they opened! Here is a picture of my salad!When Kyle and Crystal were here we went to the spectrum to ride the ferris wheel and carousel. Lucy LOVES these rides! We like to do them at Disneyland because they are free, but this was cheaper and quicker than getting everyone into Disneyland!


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