Saturday, January 23, 2010

22 weeks

Ok so I am getting confused on when to post and take pics. This post is about the 22nd week but the picture is 23 weeks 2 days. Close enough !!!
Well not much to write about this week of pregnancy...funny how the second pregnancy you aren't focused on the baby or yourself AT ALL because there is so much else to worry about! Including my sick daughter!
Things to remember:
- Morning sickness has come back a bit and the smells of things are making me really sick again...
-Finding out I gained 11 pounds in the last month--FREAKING out--think I have gestational diabetes but don't want to go get tested yet because I have to go in a month anyways.
-Try to change my diet a little to have less sugar.
- Realizing when I look back at my last pregnancy stats on Kaiser online....that I gained 13 pounds in one month during this time of pregnancy. SOO, maybe this is my explosive month? Hope so !!


Tawny said...

Well, regardless of the stats, you look beautiful!

krista said...

you look are still tiny!!!


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