Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Day

Here is the set up before we got Lucy out of grandparents got her a table and chairs, and we set up the tea set and Foofa ( from Yo Gabba Gabba ) and all the rest of her presents behind. AND you can't forget the plate that was left for Santa to eat.....he ate almost ALL of the cookies! ( Well our dog actually did, TWICE! UGH! )

Lucy's stocking all set up, with a princess purse below filled with goodies. She didn't do the stocking until later that night because everything was soo overwhelming!

Coming down to see what Santa brought!!!

Lucy LOVES to clean, soooo it only fit that we got her a little maid cart. We really thought about it for awhile, but seriously she cleans all the time so it just fit! Here she is with her vacuum hose ( Daddy was setting it up!)

Eating powdered donuts with Foofa at her new table!

We then went to Troy's parents house for Christmas. Here were Trey and Lucy opening their first present.

And using them!!!

Bryce loving his new hat

Trey opening presents.

Reading Lucy part of the Elf on the Shelf book! I am so excited to use it next year!

Ohhh, Cutco knives!!!

Trey and Lucy helping grandma open her gifts!

Yahooooo! We got new dishes! Ours were not the nicest dishes ( however received from Crate and Barrel for our wedding ) but I am really not liking the quality of anything from Crate and Barrel at all. These are BEAUTIFUL and we love them already!

While we were opening presents I found Trey and Lucy underneath the kitchen table trying to open the box of goldfish!

We got our first present for Stetson! ( yes that will be the name of our little boy) Cowboy boots! Fitting with the name....:)

The following are some cute pictures of Trey and Lucy that I just had to add in.

Lucy and I got matching aprons! Perfect for all the cooking we attempt to do!

And then the kids got their big gift from grandma and grandpa....TRICYCLES!


ryansmom said...

It looks like you had a fantastic day. I loved the picture of Lucy peeking through the stair railing and pointing. Precious memories. It also looks like you learned how to make the pictures bigger. Can you teach me too?

ryansmom said...

They still look bigger to me. Maybe you just selected the big size in options. I was also wondering how people put them into a collage. I've seen it on some blogs but I think I can't do it because my pictures come with a frame around them. Maybe I'll ask Erin the blog designer.

Anna said...

Aren't CutCo knives the best??? I love them, but they are super sharp. Be careful!

Meghan Hein said...

These pictures are so magical. I love the little tea table set up. Those are the memories that Lucy will always cherish! What a sweet family you have!
I got your message about the pizza. I hope you love it. It's such an easy and quick dinner to fix. I'm going to try posting more meals on my blog this week. Talk to you soon.

Jenafer and David Lowe said...

I love all the pictures Sarah! Thank you for sharing! It makes being away from everyone slightly easier. Love you guys! So glad you had such a happy christmas!

Meghan Hein said...

Hey again!

Thanks for all your encouraging comments. I think you alone, have earned me wifey bonus points this week. I never cook EVERY night. :)
Bach was hilarious last night. It's so cheesy... but I love it!

Jessica said...

Those boots are adorable! I love the name you chose :)


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