Monday, January 18, 2010

Cafe Rio Opening and Irvine Spectrum Fun

So our FAVORITE Utah restaurant decided to open up in CA! And what do you know? ON OUR STREET!!! Amazing to say the least. We LOVE this place, especially their chicken salads, homemade tortillas, their amazing dressing! We were one of the first customers the night they opened! Here is a picture of my salad!When Kyle and Crystal were here we went to the spectrum to ride the ferris wheel and carousel. Lucy LOVES these rides! We like to do them at Disneyland because they are free, but this was cheaper and quicker than getting everyone into Disneyland!


krista said...

1. I want to eat your That looks sooo good.

2. I want your plnu sweatshirt. Is that new(er)? I love it. I have been wanting a new one. I wish they had a good online store!

krista said...

3. I thought you were pregnant :) Where is this belly you speak of? You hide it well. Sheesh.


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