Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dr. Appt. Update

Nothing too exciting. I am 3 cm dialated now...and probably still 80% effaced..she didnt add any more numbers to that so I am guessing it is the same. I was 2 cm last week, fingertip 2 weeks before that...Lucy sure is getting ready but being stubborn at the same time. If only she would come before Christmas, then we could enjoy it together! And as a family of 3!! The doc said there is a 50% chance of seeing her next Friday at my appt. Well that doesn't give us much hope! Let's just pray for a happy healthy delivery and baby, and maybe praying for my comfort a little would add so much to the holiday season for me and everyone I live with! HAH! Now if I can just sleep a little tonight. Dr. said I could take Benedryl so I am going to do that. The last few nights have been HORRIBLE! I will update and let ya'll know!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Haven't done much!

Well you would think that with a little time off I would be out and about..especially considering the fact that it is DECEMBER and so close to Christmas. Yet, this is far from what is really happening. I have been so DANG uncomfortable that it takes everything out of me to go meet Troy for lunch and come home. Let alone make a trip to lets say Target. I will get all of my gusto and get out of the car and I am usually out of breath or severely uncomfortable by the time I walk in that I have to sit down and then I usually end up leaving. It is so sad! Needless to say there isn't much in the way of pictures due to my inactivity. But here is what I have.....

37 weeks Troy's office meeting him for lunch :)

My dear husband acting himself with my belly. I hope Lucy isn't scared of him when she is born...

Soooo Troy is very great at making trips to suit my cravings....Saturday night he went to Del Taco at midnight for me to get a burrito...and one night last week he made a berry pie for me and even decorated it with hearts :)

Right before we devoured it!

Friday, December 7, 2007

No more work!

So after many prayers doctor signed me out of work! I am so happy! Commuting was HARD!! I think I might have been ok without the commute...but we will never know. I was all ready to sleep in today...but Lucy..not so much! She was wide awake and kicking or hicupping the morning away...and oh my aching back!!! Needless to say I am just going to take it easy and sleep whenever I feel like I can. I need all the rest I can get!! ( or so I have been told.)

Monday, December 3, 2007

My shower :)

Bling Binky! Thanks to Andrea :) And even to match our colors!
A handmade blanket from Lynda Gale. We received one for our wedding and now one for our daughter! She is such a wonderful person! I can't imagine sitting down long enough to make one of these, let alone one for every occasion for everyone you know! HOW SWEET! This is what we are taking to the hospital to bring her home in.
Of course she would already have Angels gear!
Leopard outfit with red accessories! What could be better?
Cowgirl at heart! That's her takin after Daddy already!
The theme....:)

We had the BEST salad...and chips and dip!
Just a sample of the gifts! We are so lucky! Lucy is so lucky to have so many people care about her!
How adorable is this basket? Thanks to Auntie Crystal!!

Thought I should show the progression of the bump!

I am having prego brain...I think this is around mid twenties...weeks that is!
Around 29 weeks
Around 32/33 weeks! Stay tuned..I am about 36 weeks now and need to put a new pic up!

Nursery so far....

This whole set is SO SOFT! Made mostly of minky! Troy and I want one for ourselves!
Start of the closet with newborn clothes...I have the bigger clothes put away right now so that I focus on getting her to wear every newborn outfit! She will be styling!

My worker husband...

Troy working hard like always!!
We are in the process of making her a clock and letters to spell her name to go on the wall. Painting is fun!

Done with one item! One down, many to go!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We got sucked in!

Ok we are going to try and start this blog thing out...I hope ( cross my fingers ) that we are dilligent. I think having a daughter soon will help us....we will want everyone to see how cute she is! Stay tuned soon for pictures of Lucy's nursery!


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