Sunday, October 26, 2008

Being a homeowner

For less than 6 months...4 months to be exact. And our first REALLY HARD DAY. We were just about to leave this morning to go do the Lou Gehrig's walk that we do in honor of my grandpa every year....Troy was downstairs and I was upstairs with Lucy, finally ready...
and troy comes in....
honey..the bathroom has some water on the floor..i am going to be a second...
i'm like ok....maybe we will be running a tad late...dang it...

little did I realize we would have SEWAGE that flooded our first floor.


It is now Hours and hours after we found this and I will well..cut to the chase. Our house has 10 big fan things and dehumidifiers that blow EXTREMELY loud and are intended to make your house 90 degrees, our baseboards in the kitchen got ripped up, half of the carpet in our living room is gone...and that is just a start!

Two doors down from us the same thing happened to a lady. We were at the same time running things out of our houses to save them...
It is NOT our fault. Obviously. It happens at the same time to two different people ...cant be a coincidence.
HOA...well they are being UNCOOPERATIVE to say the least! We are very lucky we have insurance...and were wanting to put wood floors in...but we DO NOT have the $1000 deductible to pay our insurance company in order to start repairs and Troy is now wanting to file a lawsuit against the HOA.

I will keep you updated.
By the repairs were ever done. The plumber who came said there isnt a problem. We arent flushing toilets or using the water tonight except to shower. Lets hope we dont wake up at 2am to another flood. I will shoot someone. Preferrably the PLUMBER!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


One of the first times I have been tagged! This was especially hard because I am on my husbands computer, but then again it kind of makes it more fun!
This was on our honeymoon at our favorite restaurant in Cambria, it is called Main Street Grill. It is the best BBQ food for VERY cheap! Can't beat that!

Here are the rules of the tag:
- Go to your Pictures folder
- Go to the 6th folder
- Go to the 6th picture
- Publish it to a new post and tell the story of the picture.

I tag: Claire Mendenhall, Crystal Sherman and Megan Brewer! Go girls! Lets see how old of a pic turns up!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


We went to Disneyland last weekend...and Lucy LOVED the New Orleans Band. She sat there motionless for at least 20 minutes...which is unheard of for her, and she was just staring at them! I had to put the first picture in, it is supposed to be the last picture but whatever, I was so proud that she fell asleep sitting up in her stroller. I am trying to get her to be ok with falling asleep in public, and boy that night she sure did it!

I love my dad

Can't you tell?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ellie Sherman

She was VERY good last night. Not sure if it will continue. We didnt get home with her until 8pm...and by 10pm we had her in her crate in our room to sleep. She only woke up when LUCY WHO HAS BEEN SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT decided to get up at 1am. So Troy got Lucy and I took Ellie outside. She went potty, and I put her back in her crate. Lucy decided to get up at 430am as well, but Ellie stayed asleep! I woke up at 5am for work and I decided to wake Ellie up to take her to go potty. She NEVER told us she wanted to go, we were the ones to take her!
Lets cross our fingers she stays this way or at least can hold it as good as she did last night!
Troy had Lucy and Ellie to take care of this morning ( like he will every morning) so I am anxious to find out how it went! AND he is taking her to work for a little to continue the crate training. Lets hope for the best! We love our little Ellie! Did I mention she was the smallest? The runt? Adorable! And she is 12 weeks, born on July 12 :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Newest Addition teaser pictures

well not good pics..we have more coming..but this was from my cell phone.
She is adorable! Wish us luck sleeping tonight!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Call us crazy....

In just a few days we will officially be a family of 5. That is, us, Lucy, our cat Bubba and our new puppy. Pictures to come :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008


We are getting our own phone line and internet today!!! Yahooo! It feels like it has been FOREVER since I have been able to look at other peoples blogs..and write on ours! Expect me to be back in business soon!
Have a GREAT Thursday!
By the way...Lucy update....She got 3 teeth last week! She now has 5 teeth! She also does not eat anything anymore that she cant pick up and put in her mouth! Sooo strange that she just changed one day! Its been quite fun to give her tons of finger foods but it makes it harder to eat on the go sometimes! Baby food was sure easy! But it is way cuter to see her eating on her own now and choosing things she likes most to eat. She LOVES ritz crackers right now :)
She has been sleeping way better too. Maybe its all of the solid foods and more water and apple juice she has been having. She totally loves her sippy cup and CHUGS liquid daily!

Monday, October 6, 2008


A traditional New Orlean style restaurant...and this little old man took some of the teachers from our table and danced with them! I had to get a picture of each teacher with the stylin ol man!! I took a picture of the bread...because we were served that type of bread at every just pulled pieces was soo good! Crumbs were everywhere! And i HAD to get a pic of the man playing the accordian! There was also a HUGE accordian suspended in the air above the bar. So Cool!

Trolley Ride

More pics from New Orleans! Here is our Vice Principal Diva and my co teacher and friend Jen and I traveling down the ol Trolley looking at New Orleans sights. The picture of the little Trolley painted is a sample of what was around town...different little Trolleys that were all painted differently. This one says New Orleans and the letters are all made up of pictures from the city itself.


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