Thursday, October 9, 2008


We are getting our own phone line and internet today!!! Yahooo! It feels like it has been FOREVER since I have been able to look at other peoples blogs..and write on ours! Expect me to be back in business soon!
Have a GREAT Thursday!
By the way...Lucy update....She got 3 teeth last week! She now has 5 teeth! She also does not eat anything anymore that she cant pick up and put in her mouth! Sooo strange that she just changed one day! Its been quite fun to give her tons of finger foods but it makes it harder to eat on the go sometimes! Baby food was sure easy! But it is way cuter to see her eating on her own now and choosing things she likes most to eat. She LOVES ritz crackers right now :)
She has been sleeping way better too. Maybe its all of the solid foods and more water and apple juice she has been having. She totally loves her sippy cup and CHUGS liquid daily!

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megan said...

so cool!cant live without the internet :)
anyhow, heres the info on the gourd farm... go to their website:
i am in the middle of 'cleaning and staining' about 30 of them for my mantel. im super excited. i love fall! i wish it could be fall longer! i do though hate the wind that comes with fall! santa ana winds suck! :)


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