Thursday, October 16, 2008


We went to Disneyland last weekend...and Lucy LOVED the New Orleans Band. She sat there motionless for at least 20 minutes...which is unheard of for her, and she was just staring at them! I had to put the first picture in, it is supposed to be the last picture but whatever, I was so proud that she fell asleep sitting up in her stroller. I am trying to get her to be ok with falling asleep in public, and boy that night she sure did it!


Tawny said...

Lucy is so adorable and getting so big! Looks like she loves Disneyland! We are going to the Trick-or-Treat party this week and I can't wait for Sammy to see it all again!

Jacob and Krischelle said...

gaah i love her face! especially with that big princess hat on her head! :D


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