Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well, I hate to write this so early and have part of it jinx myself but I will write it anyway! This past week Stetson has gotten 1 1/2 teeth...haha...he has one totally broken through and another REALLY close.
I want to remember how he was during teething since it has been so different than Lucy ( THANK GOODNESS! )

- Lucy- diarrhea, runny nose, temp of 102-103.8, FUSSY, didn't nap good, didn't sleep at night good, seemed like it went on for a month for each tooth!

-Stetson- runny nose/congestion, a teeeeeeeeeny bit needier, doesn't want to eat all his baby food but will eat about 1/2 of it, naps great, sleeps through night, NO TEMP, drools and spits nonstop.

THANK YOU STETSON! I am hoping this continues and that Lucy will outgrow her high fevers! Poor girl!

Stetson 7 months

Things to remember:

-Wearing 18 month clothes

-Drinks 4 8 oz ( sometimes 6 oz) bottles a day. About 8:30am, 12:30pm, 4:00pm, 7:00pm

-Naps from about 12:30-3:30 or 4:00pm

-Sleeps about 7pm-8am with NO wake ups! ( Even through teething!!!! ) ( dare I write might stop! )

-Got two teeth RIGHT after turning 7 months. He got his right bottom front tooth and then his left. He is getting his two top teeth the week he is turning 8 months so I will probably count those for 8 months )

-LOVES his Christmas toys! LOVES them!

-LOVES apples and chicken, turkey and sweet potatoes ( baby food dinners ), real bananas in little chunks, apples in the mesh feeder and puffs.

- Eats two jars of baby food a day. One at 10:30am ( fruit or breakfast baby food) and one at 5:30pm ( a dinner combo)

- Starting at 7 1/2 months we switched him to three jars of baby food a day, one at breakfast, one at lunch and one at dinner.

-We are thinking beef constipates him so after trying it once, I will put that to a halt for awhile.

-Switched back to Nutramigen formula due to milk allergies

- Found out ( well at 6 months ) that he is a 3-4 for Milk Allergy, and a 2 for peanuts. They will test him in 6 more months to see where he is at then. I am CROSSING MY FINGERS he outgrows them ! For now we are doing aquaphor morning and night, benadryl at night, and switching to Nutramigen to see if any of that helps the poor boys skin. ( later note- it completely cleared his skin )

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we had everyone over to our house for our 3rd annual Chili crockpot dinner and Polar Express watching. This year we did a lot of......PLAYING....
VISITING....( my grandparents are now here for the first time in 20 years! I look forward to getting to visit with them a lot more often! )
And EATING! My mom and brother are shown here eating my homemade chili in bread bowls.
Then we opened gifts....we made all of our gifts this year and I was very proud of them! Here is my aunt with a red plate that I made that is a Christmas decoration. Around the plate are different words for Jesus.
Lucy LOVED opening presents !!! Here was one of her favorites.
She also loved reading the cards from everybody. She had Morgan read them all to her.
Stetson enjoyed opening presents too!

Here is one of our gifts to my grandparents. An outdoorsy/fishing quilt.

One of our gifts to my mom....a blue/brown flowery quilt. All of the quilts we made are about queen size. My grandparents was a tad bigger.
Homemade coasters.

We had a great night!

Decorating and driving

A few days before Christmas we went over to Lynda's and decorated Gingerbread houses, went out to dinner, and looked at Christmas lights. Below is Stetson having fun driving the car!

Lynda had everything set up for us when we got there!

Vicki and Stetson
Troy is SO good at decorating Gingerbread houses!

Here is Troy's final product.

Mine. I couldn't get anything to stand, so I just put tootsie rolls everwhere to make the graham crackers stand. SO pathetic.
Grandpa and Stetson
Here is when we went looking at lights.....Lucy wanted a picture of her in front of a house
Stetson chilling in Lucy's carseat, watching the lights from the window.
Me and the kiddos :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Silly Lucy

She is SO lucky that our cat is nice. Today she pinned him in the bathroom and put him in the bathtub with her ( without water ) She then dumped in some toys and started playing away. I happened to sneak a picture from above. At this point she was using him as a pillow. Silly girl!

Christmas Party

Our friends had a Christmas party and Santa came and brought everyone gifts! It was very exciting! There were a TON of kids, and lots of good food and company! Our cameras both were not doing very well that night, so these are the best shots of the night.
Here are just some of the kids while they were singing Christmas songs waiting for Santa.

Stetson enjoying another little girl's toy from Santa! ( we got him one right after this because he liked it so much! So he will also have it Christmas morning! )

Class Christmas Party

Here are some pictures of my 5th grade class's winter celebration party!!! We of course had AMAZING food ( I ask kids to bring food from their culture) and Troy, Lucy and Stetson came as well!! Troy DIED at all the Filipino food! We had a TON of fun!

Santa Clause OF COURSE had to visit and sing with us!

Just ONE of the food tables!
The PE team ( minus Brian ) always visits!


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