Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well, I hate to write this so early and have part of it jinx myself but I will write it anyway! This past week Stetson has gotten 1 1/2 teeth...haha...he has one totally broken through and another REALLY close.
I want to remember how he was during teething since it has been so different than Lucy ( THANK GOODNESS! )

- Lucy- diarrhea, runny nose, temp of 102-103.8, FUSSY, didn't nap good, didn't sleep at night good, seemed like it went on for a month for each tooth!

-Stetson- runny nose/congestion, a teeeeeeeeeny bit needier, doesn't want to eat all his baby food but will eat about 1/2 of it, naps great, sleeps through night, NO TEMP, drools and spits nonstop.

THANK YOU STETSON! I am hoping this continues and that Lucy will outgrow her high fevers! Poor girl!

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