Monday, December 27, 2010

Decorating and driving

A few days before Christmas we went over to Lynda's and decorated Gingerbread houses, went out to dinner, and looked at Christmas lights. Below is Stetson having fun driving the car!

Lynda had everything set up for us when we got there!

Vicki and Stetson
Troy is SO good at decorating Gingerbread houses!

Here is Troy's final product.

Mine. I couldn't get anything to stand, so I just put tootsie rolls everwhere to make the graham crackers stand. SO pathetic.
Grandpa and Stetson
Here is when we went looking at lights.....Lucy wanted a picture of her in front of a house
Stetson chilling in Lucy's carseat, watching the lights from the window.
Me and the kiddos :)

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