Saturday, December 4, 2010

Things lately

Borrowed this from my friend Krista! Thanks girl! Sorry I havent posted pics lately, my computer wont let me upload at all. Gotta take a trip to the Apple Store!
Outside my Window: all of the stuff from our Expedition all over the lawn, we gave our dining room table to my in laws today and we picked up my grandparents dining room table that they didnt need anymore. They just moved here from Oregon and downsized A TON! To 600 square feet! I know the table doesnt match with anything in our house but I DESPERATELY want an heirloom, and I cannot stand our counter height dining table. I know they are the "in" thing, but Lucy falls off of the chairs all the time. I just want a normal sized table. We are looking forward to staining this new table....probably not till summer though!
I am Thinking: I should go craft with Lucy!
From the Kitchen: Empty, waiting for the new table! Cat is walking around trying to eat my tuna sandwhich leftovers!
I am Learning: that I need to be happier. Life has been very challenging the last few months. I am trying to take lessons from my grandpa! ( Well both of my grandpas! They were happy men! )
I am Wearing: sweatshirt, running pants ( that FIT again! whoooo hooo!!!! 15 baby weight pounds down Thank you Weight Watchers! )
I am Creating: a bunch of Christmas presents for Family! ( quilts! - mainly Troy though --he is great and motivated! )
I am Going: probably somewhere to walk around tonight after Stetson wakes up from his nap
I am Reading: The Shack ( GREAT BOOK! )
I am Hoping: that Stetson is sleeping right now ---he has a hard time adjusting to me being home on the weekends! I put him down and he is having trouble staying sleeping poor thing!
I am Hearing: Little Bill ( Nick Jr. )
Around the House: Christmas Christmas Christmas!
One of my Favorite Things: Diet Coke! ( also right next to me ) and FAMILY TIME!
A Few Plans for Next Week: Hmm, dont have my planner near but off the top of my head, Mon, Wed, Thur afterschool homework club, Tuesday staff meeting, afterschool duty all week, Taking Lucy shopping for Stetson and Troy, working on quilts and Christmas Cards ( I have always wanted to send them out and we never do, hopefully this year I will! )

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