Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stetson 6 months

Note to self : I will post 6 month pictures when the computer gets fixed, but for now I want to document things!

Went to the doc at 6 months 2 weeks and here are his stats:
22 lbs 12 oz
28 inches!

He got his vaccinations and these are the first ones that he actually ran a fever with. He was 102 after his nap the day he got them. Other than that he was fine that night and next day.

He had to get blood drawn as well for allergy tests. He has had excema BAD since about 5 months. Lucy didn't start getting it until way later ( 18 months ) and it started right after we changed formulas and started baby food so I really am interested in finding out if it does happen to be food.

Things to remember about this month:
- Started eating 4 oz of baby food at lunch time
-Started eating a 4 oz dinner baby food at dinner time ( apples and chicken, sweet potatoes and turkey and so on )
-Started eating puffs! Cannot perfect putting them in his mouth quite yet. He gets quite frustrated!
-Started drinking water from a sippy cup! So big of a boy! Tonight he actually drank about 3/4 of the sippy cup and didn't end up wanting his bottle at bedtime! uh oh! NOT what is supposed to happen
- We LOAD him up with Aquaphor morning and night and ever since we started that he sleeps through the night. SO NICE
- We are still on the couch because even though we have a box fan, he is a very light sleeper. Good thing that we just got new couches!
-Wears 12 and 18 month clothes
-Sits up unassisted!
- LOVES crawling! does the lazy crawl, wear he drags his legs, but he definitely gets all around.
-Fell asleep yesterday underneath the christmas tree hugging the tree skirt, butt up in the air. PRECIOUS moments like that !
- Loves when Lucy runs from far away and comes up close to him....makes him GIGGLE so much!
-Switched to Lucys car seat and we had to get Lucy a new car seat. Good thing she is in this next one until she is like 7 or 8.
-Loves baby dolls! In fact my friend Laurie bought him one for Christmas against Troy's wishes! haha!
-Is such a happy boy!

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Crystal and Kyle said...

He is growing so fast! Troy sent us a text with him sleeping next to the tree. It was soo cute! Stetson is only 3 pounds lighter than Trey! I can't believe that. We loved your Christmas Card. If we do one this year it will be through email. I'll see if I can get to it or not. Life is busy


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