Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we had everyone over to our house for our 3rd annual Chili crockpot dinner and Polar Express watching. This year we did a lot of......PLAYING....
VISITING....( my grandparents are now here for the first time in 20 years! I look forward to getting to visit with them a lot more often! )
And EATING! My mom and brother are shown here eating my homemade chili in bread bowls.
Then we opened gifts....we made all of our gifts this year and I was very proud of them! Here is my aunt with a red plate that I made that is a Christmas decoration. Around the plate are different words for Jesus.
Lucy LOVED opening presents !!! Here was one of her favorites.
She also loved reading the cards from everybody. She had Morgan read them all to her.
Stetson enjoyed opening presents too!

Here is one of our gifts to my grandparents. An outdoorsy/fishing quilt.

One of our gifts to my mom....a blue/brown flowery quilt. All of the quilts we made are about queen size. My grandparents was a tad bigger.
Homemade coasters.

We had a great night!

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