Wednesday, December 22, 2010

6 months just hanging

Enjoying a snack of Lucy's play foods. ( croissant and tea cup)

We inherited my grandparents dining room table and gave my in laws our high table ( i hated it...way too fancy for me ) I am so glad to have a normal height table that means something. ( we don't have too much of that in our family ) Troy and I are going to stain it a darker color probably this summer. We also gave our high chair to a pregnancy shelter. It took up a lot of space and we had this other thing ( shown above) that works perfectly! The best part is that Stetson feels like part of the family sitting at the table with us!

The latest obsession with Stetson....babydolls!!! And Lucy was having a hard time with that obsession so my friend Laurie bought Stetson is own to play with!

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