Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lucy's First Haircut 17 months 5-30-09

We went to this place in the Mission Viejo Mall called First Cut. It was perfect! They gave us an envelope with her first locks cut off and a certificate. They had video games to play, Madagascar was playing, candy to eat, she sat in a was soo nice. I had to hold her hands down because she wanted to push the lady who was cutting her hair away, but you can't blame her....a strange lady spraying her head and coming at her with sharp things...I would to! So I have before and after pics, she only got a bang trim, but I am counting it as her first cut.

Wow her bangs were LONG!

The before picture while sitting in the rocket.

All done and ADORABLE!

Ice Cream Social

My school's annual Ice Cream Social was last night. The theme was "Ohana." This is such a fun event, this year I decided not to do a booth myself ( doing a booth is a lot of work---however you make all the money that you bring in) and Troy brought Lucy ( it took him 2 hours to get there) and we just hung out and socialized. My camera was dying so I didn't take too many pictures. Here is what I have!
My friend Jen ( another friend Jen that I haven't talked about on here before) that I work with brought her daughter Haley. Lucy and Haley had so much fun playing. My camera died after this so I took more pictures with Jen's camera and I will post them when she gets them to me. They were adorable together, and Haley is heading to Kindergarten in the fall so she watched out for Lucy.
Fun at the playground!

My friend and co-worker Jen ( that I talk about A LOT) we teach 5th grade she is with her 2 month old Mia. Mia looks SO much like her dad here! I am Mia's Tita. My name is Tita Sarah!

Entertainment...lots of it!

My co-worker and friend Tara and I in "jail." Kids paid tickets and put us there. I got put in four times!!

Ramil and Jen had some sports games set up.

Anna and Jean had tons of stuff. Painted water balloon yo yos, candy bracelets to make, tattoos, sandy name it they had it! Lucy loved everything!

Tara and Jen ( Haley from up aboves mom) sold confetti eggs.
There was so much more but my camera died. It was great though!

Sammy's 2nd Bday!

Still catching up! The weekend after Mother's Day we headed to Riverside to celebrate Sammy's 2nd birthday! It was so much fun! Tawny and Joe had thought of everything.... there was a big pool, baby pool, all the fun water toys, great food, and tons of fun people to hang out with. Sammy was adorable and quite the little dare devil when it came to the water. Here are some pictures of the day. Too bad I have none AGAIN of their new baby Travis or of Tawny, Troy or Joe. But I do have a picture of me! Oh goes! Oh yes, in all of Lucy's water pictures from now on, she will have hot orange ear plugs. This is due to the tubes she got put in her ears. We must make sure that NO water gets in her ears.
Lucy hanging out with her new friend Jack.

Chowing down on goldfish.,..takes after her momma. ( there is always time to sit and eat!!)

Some of the party attenders.

Soo all the girls were very animated. Lucy looks like she is mad, but really I think she was just talking to Sammy. They were HILARIOUS to watch!
Sammy laying back and Lucy getting in and and out...we ended up buying this same exact pool because Lucy LOVES it so much!
Lucy, Charlotte and Sammy chatting it up!

Sammy had a Dora cake!

Mmm was it good! Here she is with her grandpa
She did a great job with the pinata! I didn't get a picture of Taylor, she is another sweet girl that is around Lucy's age. Next time!
I tell you, it has been so fun to hang out with our friends is so neat to share in all the fun with our kids together. What a great time of life this is!

Mother's Day ..a bit late

We made yummy kabobs and had my side of the family over on Mother's Day. It was a lot of fun! The kabobs were a lot of work because my husband is a perfectionist ( wait did I say that???Haha ) I would make him so mad when I would make a kabob that wasn't in the specific order it needed to be. So here are some pictures of that day.

Mine would be the ones that don't have green ends. HAH!

In our backyard playing aunt was throwing a ball up the slide to her and they were having a lot of fun!

My brother, cousins Morgan and Cherise, and my Aunt Barbara.

Cousin picture!!!

Way behind on blogging

So yes, between losing my job..packing my stuff up...Lucy getting tubes in her sinus issues..finishing up the year ( we have three and a half days left!) doign report cards and all that fun stuff..I haven't blogged in FOREVER. I apologize and this weekend I will be updating whenever I have time.

Here are some pictures of Lucy ..just random candids that I thought were cute!

In Grandpa's sleeping bag talking on the phone.

In her house playing "house" or her version. I think she was doing the dishes.

Loving Bubba..he is SO nice to her. She is now learning to be gentle with him and I think he is so much happier with that.

Well..she is nice to him MOST of the time. Here she is sticking her fingers in his ear and hoping no one saw her!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mission Viejo Lake- only the first of many trips!

So...we had another outing with The Paino Family...but this time we took lots of pictures! Last time we got together ( Christmas time ) we went to the Mission Inn and we didn't really take pictures. ( although I did blog about it) We were so happy to get to hang out again...we have SO much in common ( thank goodness for blogger and for common friends!) and our kids seem to love each other just as much. Tawny took GREAT pictures, and I ...well...attempted. I can't believe we didn't get even ONE of Travis ( her new baby ) or of US ( the girls! ) and p.s. i stole some of the really good pics from Tawny's blog...THANKS TAWNY!

Adorable Sammy!
The girls had SO much fun in the water. They were little dare devils!!

Splashing away

Sammy and her daddy Joe...showing how manly he is!

You have to click on this picture to get the really cute look on Lucy's face.

While Joe was taking pictures, and Tawny was holding Travis, Troy and I became a family of four and had two HAPPY girls that were kicking and screaming with delight!

Troy showing Lucy how to make sand castles. She wasn't too into it. This time at least!


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