Monday, May 11, 2009

Mission Viejo Lake- only the first of many trips!

So...we had another outing with The Paino Family...but this time we took lots of pictures! Last time we got together ( Christmas time ) we went to the Mission Inn and we didn't really take pictures. ( although I did blog about it) We were so happy to get to hang out again...we have SO much in common ( thank goodness for blogger and for common friends!) and our kids seem to love each other just as much. Tawny took GREAT pictures, and I ...well...attempted. I can't believe we didn't get even ONE of Travis ( her new baby ) or of US ( the girls! ) and p.s. i stole some of the really good pics from Tawny's blog...THANKS TAWNY!

Adorable Sammy!
The girls had SO much fun in the water. They were little dare devils!!

Splashing away

Sammy and her daddy Joe...showing how manly he is!

You have to click on this picture to get the really cute look on Lucy's face.

While Joe was taking pictures, and Tawny was holding Travis, Troy and I became a family of four and had two HAPPY girls that were kicking and screaming with delight!

Troy showing Lucy how to make sand castles. She wasn't too into it. This time at least!


Tawny said...

You have some great pictures too! It's also fun to see your explanation of the pictures too! We had such a wonderful time, can't wait to do it again :)

Darci said...

I love the beach/pool!!! She is such a cutie, it makes me miss Gwenie when she had those 2 pigtails.

Buckeyemom said...

Just adorable. Wow....Lucy sure loves the water.

Crystal and Kyle said...

I love Lucy's hair in pigtails!! She looks like she's having a blast in that water. We'll have to go to the lake when we come down. Trey would love it! :)PS Trey is sleeping better. :)


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