Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ice Cream Social

My school's annual Ice Cream Social was last night. The theme was "Ohana." This is such a fun event, this year I decided not to do a booth myself ( doing a booth is a lot of work---however you make all the money that you bring in) and Troy brought Lucy ( it took him 2 hours to get there) and we just hung out and socialized. My camera was dying so I didn't take too many pictures. Here is what I have!
My friend Jen ( another friend Jen that I haven't talked about on here before) that I work with brought her daughter Haley. Lucy and Haley had so much fun playing. My camera died after this so I took more pictures with Jen's camera and I will post them when she gets them to me. They were adorable together, and Haley is heading to Kindergarten in the fall so she watched out for Lucy.
Fun at the playground!

My friend and co-worker Jen ( that I talk about A LOT) we teach 5th grade she is with her 2 month old Mia. Mia looks SO much like her dad here! I am Mia's Tita. My name is Tita Sarah!

Entertainment...lots of it!

My co-worker and friend Tara and I in "jail." Kids paid tickets and put us there. I got put in four times!!

Ramil and Jen had some sports games set up.

Anna and Jean had tons of stuff. Painted water balloon yo yos, candy bracelets to make, tattoos, sandy name it they had it! Lucy loved everything!

Tara and Jen ( Haley from up aboves mom) sold confetti eggs.
There was so much more but my camera died. It was great though!


The Veneracion Family said... I stole some pictures and am putting them on my blog. Thanks!!

The Veneracion Family said...

Okay...just tried to look at them and the file is pretty small so the pictures come out small. Can you email me the one of us with the kids and the one of our booth? Thanks Sarah!!

Tawny said...

So fun! We have a Halloween Festival and we participated this is alot of work! I'm sure your kids LOVED that you came and loved seeing Lucy, my students always do!


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