Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A baker girl

We made cookies with Lucy tonight, Lucy's first time doing it! She had fun, for the MOST part. The part that turned horrific was when we had to put the cookies in the oven. She didn't understand that you have to COOK the cookies! She was miserable, and our plan was to give her bath while the cookies baked in the oven and then give her a cookie before bed. She basically cried the entire bath and even while getting the cookie. Phew! But 90% of the cookie making process was seriously so fun. We LOVE doing these firsts with her, and are constantly trying new things all the time. It makes me feel a little better because I am not home all day long with her, so I feel like we need to do as much as we can before her 7pm bedtime! Last night we went to the library for the first time. She had a great time there as well. Our next feat is a bigger library that has more children's items. One of her favorite things to do ever since she could sit up is "read" books. I am hoping ( the school teacher in me ) that she continues to love to read and always is driven to find new books like me!

It was impossible to get her to smile after the torturous bath. She just wanted her COOKIE! Can you blame her? They were AMAZING!!! Tonnns of butter! Who hoo!

Yee haw!

On Sunday we went with most of the Sherman family to the Norco Rodeo. It was my first rodeo, and it was so much fun! I had no idea what to expect, and boy was I surprised! Those poor little calfs! Yikes! We had a blast though, and even got some new gear! I told Troy we need to get professional pictures with Lucy's new hat and boots! Soon too! Before she grows out of them!
Always making her say cheese!

Playing with grandpa's Ipod Touch

I love how she has her right leg up on the bench!
Waving at the horses
I got a new cowgirl hat too!
This was at the start of the rodeo, Sean Parr from my favorite radio station Go Country 105.1 was the host! He is in the yellow shirt.

Thanks Gwenie!

Lucy's friend Gwenie gave her a vanity set! What a treat for a little girl! Lucy loves it! She can brush or curl her hair, put on make-up, you name it! Right now she loves putting her dolls up on it and reading to them. She is such a girl! I love it! I didn't show her how to do anything with it, she took full control right away! My little princess :) hehe
All for me???

Using her brush and curling iron

Cheeeese! This is the best mommy!


Lucy finally decided it was ok to use the blanket I made her! She was anti my homemade blankets for awhile, but now is beginning to touch them at least! Lately everyday when we get home she wants to eat a yogurt ( Yoplait ) and watch Finding Nemo in her chair. She gets very upset if we can't do it. Hey, I am all for it, because it allows me to start dinner and she is super happy! So this time the air conditioning was right on her, so she asked for a blankey. I put the ladybug one on her and she didn't protest! Hurray!

Donut Run

Right before I had to go back to work my friend Darci and I took our daughters to the donut store for breakfast....the girls LOVED the donuts. The man that worked there thought he would be nice and give us a TON of donut holes free, plus the girls had their own ended up being a LOT of sugar. They were all smiles!

Still in their p.j.s :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another first

So my friend Darci (who is a SAINT) taught me how to sew a flannel blanket with a silky binding today! So fun! She also taught me how to make receiving blankets, burp cloths, and a crib sheet! Isn't all of that so handy!?! She taught me a lot, and I need to write it all down before I forget...but it is also another excuse to sew sew sew some more! Who hoo! Here are pictures of the blanket I made today. One side is ladybugs ( the more green side ) and the other is apples ( the more pink side).

Movie Night!

So my friend Tawny told me that they do movie nights with their daughter Sammy. I was so impressed! She said they really hype it up, get into PJ's, bring blankets and pillows downstairs, pop popcorn, and let her stay up past bedtime! Needless to say, I was dying to do this with Lucy. So we did all that Tawny told us to, and Lucy LOVED IT! I mean LOVEEEED it! We watched some movie that I got at the Red Box at Stater Bros. called Benji on the Loose ( which was COMPLETELY boring, it wasn't a cartoon, and it had a total of like 10 words!) but Lucy was glued to the TV and watched the entire thing. She didn't move an inch, and seriously, I have never seen this child behave SO WELL! We will be doing this more often....THANKS TAWNY!

Lucy's New Kitchen!

So....we decided since Lucy's birthday is so close to Christmas ( two days away ) that we would get her a half birthday present instead of a big birthday present two days after Christmas. I don't know how long this will last...but I just feel like at this stage she needs new toys for developmental purposes ( nice excuse right) more than just a 1 year old present, then a 2 year old present. Most kids get toys spread out, some at Christmas and some at their bday. Lucy kind of doesn't get that due to the two days running together. So we are going to try and do a normal Christmas, then a few small bday presents from us, and then a bigger present in July. All this to say, we got her a kitchen for her half birthday! And its adorable, she loves it, it was inexpensive ( as far as kitchens go) and it even matches our kitchen! ( didn't realize this until we put it together in the kitchen. Here are some pictures that Troy took on the morning she found it....
All this for me??

Happy year and a half birthday Lucer Goose!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sea World and Good Byes

The day before Crystal, Kyle, and Trey left, we went to Sea World. It was really nice! Troy's brother Bryce even came with his wife Kara. It took a VERY long time getting there, but once we did, we had a great time and even stayed until 10pm! Go Lucy :) ...yes...she survived to my surprise!
I am putting this one ( above ) first because it is my favorite! I just love this one of Trey and Crystal !
We love the sea lions! They are so adorable when begging for food! Lucy and Trey even got to feed them!

Watching the Sea Lion and Otter Show

Touching sting rays

Lucy and Trey gave each other high fives all week they are once again trying to do it while they are on their daddy's shoulders!

Many attempts at getting cousin/sister in law pictures...attempt #1-- I think any of these would be decent if Lucy would just LOOK at the camera! hah!

attempt #2

attempt #3

Shamu!! Shamu!!

The fam at the Shamu night show

Grandpa and Trey always...its Grandpa's wish for his grandkids to fall asleep on him or with him, and Trey did it! Happy Grandpa!

Lucy just LOVES Kyle! Here they are having a snack.

We spent forever trying to get Lucy to give Trey a kiss. I love his face in all these pics....

Sooo, ultimate blackmail picture right??!?!?!?! We told them to kiss....and well....they did! I laugh just thinking of how they will react when they get older!

More high fives!!

Saying good-bye

"Trey!!" ( Lucy LOVES Trey! She hasn't stopped talking about him) We will miss them, but can't wait to see them at Christmas time! More Sea World trips then!


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