Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sea World and Good Byes

The day before Crystal, Kyle, and Trey left, we went to Sea World. It was really nice! Troy's brother Bryce even came with his wife Kara. It took a VERY long time getting there, but once we did, we had a great time and even stayed until 10pm! Go Lucy :) ...yes...she survived to my surprise!
I am putting this one ( above ) first because it is my favorite! I just love this one of Trey and Crystal !
We love the sea lions! They are so adorable when begging for food! Lucy and Trey even got to feed them!

Watching the Sea Lion and Otter Show

Touching sting rays

Lucy and Trey gave each other high fives all week long...here they are once again trying to do it while they are on their daddy's shoulders!

Many attempts at getting cousin/sister in law pictures...attempt #1-- I think any of these would be decent if Lucy would just LOOK at the camera! hah!

attempt #2

attempt #3

Shamu!! Shamu!!

The fam at the Shamu night show

Grandpa and Trey relaxing...like always...its Grandpa's wish for his grandkids to fall asleep on him or with him, and Trey did it! Happy Grandpa!

Lucy just LOVES Kyle! Here they are having a snack.

We spent forever trying to get Lucy to give Trey a kiss. I love his face in all these pics....

Sooo, ultimate blackmail picture right??!?!?!?! We told them to kiss....and well....they did! I laugh just thinking of how they will react when they get older!

More high fives!!

Saying good-bye

"Trey!!" ( Lucy LOVES Trey! She hasn't stopped talking about him) We will miss them, but can't wait to see them at Christmas time! More Sea World trips then!


Crystal and Kyle said...

Sarah, you're a really good photographer. You got some great pictures. Thanks! I love the one's with Trey and Lucy.

Bryan and Tara Noelte said...

Great pictures. Sea World is so much fun, and it is great for kids Lucy's age.

Swaner Family said...

I love the picture at the sea otter show! Crystal looks really intense!


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