Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fun times with cousin Trey

A trip to Olive Garden! Spaghetti!! Yuuum!

Tired boy! I am learning he can sleep anywhere!! Lucky parents!

Giving Trey a hug

My sis in law Crystal showed us how to make homemade bread!

With some of the dough we made bread, with some we made pizzas!
Lucy and Trey LOVED to play outside.
Grandpa loves to play with Trey and Lucy.
We had a huge party and invited lots of family to come eat and socialize! Here is cousin Maren and Lucy. She was playing the Pirates of the Caribbean song on her cell phone and that is Lucy's favorite song...so she was in AWE!
Monny and Randy
Lucy playing with Monny's son Ethan, she loves their boys, in fact lately, she ONLY loves boys. A little early are we? ugh!
Troy with Maren and Maddy.

Another one of Monny's sons...Tyler.
My nephew Trey! He looks SO excited :) His dad was right there, and I am no competition.
Cousin Mason playing with Trey.
Grandma had a great time as well with the grandkids.


Uncle Troy admiring Trey's shoes
Aunt Donelle and Crystal
Papa and Troy
Devereaux and her boyfriend Alex
Giving Maggie (the dog) loves!

The kiddos...Lucy also loves Joseph ( on the right )
Playing house!

1 comment:

ryansmom said...

Wow, I'm impressed, sewing, quilting, baking, homemade pizza. What other hidden talents do you have? Oops, maybe I don't really want to know (lol). You're amazing = )


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