Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Donut Run

Right before I had to go back to work my friend Darci and I took our daughters to the donut store for breakfast....the girls LOVED the donuts. The man that worked there thought he would be nice and give us a TON of donut holes free, plus the girls had their own ended up being a LOT of sugar. They were all smiles!

Still in their p.j.s :)


Darci said...

We are so sad you are not around for more donut runs! They really are so fun and the donuts are yummy. Such cuties too.

ryansmom said...

There's something great about donut shops in the morning.

Brooke-Lynn's Mama said...

What a great idea Sarah! I've never done this before. Maybe you just inspired a donut run for me.There's a donut shop just right down the street in downtown Murrieta. Did she just love the donut or what?

P.S. These are honestly that much cuter because they're in their pj's!


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