Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Lucy finally decided it was ok to use the blanket I made her! She was anti my homemade blankets for awhile, but now is beginning to touch them at least! Lately everyday when we get home she wants to eat a yogurt ( Yoplait ) and watch Finding Nemo in her chair. She gets very upset if we can't do it. Hey, I am all for it, because it allows me to start dinner and she is super happy! So this time the air conditioning was right on her, so she asked for a blankey. I put the ladybug one on her and she didn't protest! Hurray!

1 comment:

ryansmom said...

Lucy is my kind of girl. Curling up in a comfy chair with a blanket and watching tv is my favorite past time. Glad she is finally enjoying your blanket.


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