Monday, March 31, 2008

Visiting daddy at work!

Before Troy went to Australia ( yes that is right...AUSTRALIA!!! ) for 2 weeks, I took Lucy by his office for a visit. Here are some pictures of them talking (well she does most of the talking nowadays!!)


Today we went and visited our friend Christine and her new baby ( well 5 weeks old now) Braden. He is SOOO tiny and SOOO adorable! Lucy was seriously never that small. Above she is on his activity mat enjoying tummy time.
Here is Christine and Braden. Notice he is still swimming in his clothes. ADORABLE!
Lucy was so tired of playing she fell asleep! And of course so did Braden!
But here he is right when we got to their house. Bright eyed and flirty!
Trying to check each other out!

Braden and tummy time!

Lucy and I visited one of my college roomates Annette and her son Ephraim. We thought it was hilarious because Ephraim is about the same size as Lucy, yet he is 8 months and she is only 3 months! Oh well! We had a yummy Hawaiian lunch down in Oceanside and talked about how fun it is to be mothers! The picture above is Ephraim admiring Lucy :) and below is all 4 of us!
First trip to Disneyland with Luke and Andrea. Talk about a playdate!! This was so much fun! We even got pictures with some of the characters :) Luke and Lucy were in awe of them!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

2 new posts!

Uncle Kyle came down for Aunt Crystal's baby shower and while he was here he learned a lot of new stuff dealing with babies. I documented this one, learning to change a diaper. It was very cute. He is having a boy in May, so his challenges will be a bit different, but I think he became a little more confident this weekend.

Aunt Crystal helping him.

Brotherly lessons on how to hold her and pass her off to others.
DONE! Ta-dah!

Soooo Lucy has started to talk and it is the cutest thing ever. Check out the video below too! Let me know in my comments if the video and sound work, as I do not know if they will for you. I am just learning how to do it all :) The picture above is of Lucy talking to Troy while he was at work. She is SO animated! I think you have to press the play button twice to make the video work. Make sure you have your volume up!

Yet another trip to Disneyland

On the tram on the way to Disneyland. This was about a week ago. We got there around 8pm and left around 930pm because the fireworks started and i was scared to death it was going to scare her. IT DIDNT! I am such a worry wart sometimes. But, you live and learn right??!?!

Friday, March 7, 2008

3 posts in 1 day, must be a MIRACLE!

Here are some cute pictures right after Lucy woke up a couple mornings ago talking with her Grandpa Steve. She loves listening to him, she always smiles and coos, she even does this when he calls on the phone and we put it up to her ear! We are all quite jealous I have to admit.

First time at Disneyland!

At the end of the night she was quite exhausted, we made sure she had plenty of Minnie's to cuddle up with.

SO CUTE! We forgot about sun block, but she was ok.

This was our group ( minus the picture taker Grandma Lynda) we were pooped and about to eat at Rainforest Cafe. By the way, we will NEVER go there again. Everything we ordered was SICK. There are much better places to eat, heck even inside Disneyland its cheaper and better tasting.

On the tram , quite excited!

She even got a "1st time visitor" pin.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lucy's Blessing and new smiles!

I never know how to type above the first here is what should go there. Lucy's blessing was last Sunday and it was fabulous! We had a great turn out at church and Troy's blessing for her was one to remember. I have a copy of it that I had someone do during the prayer in case anyone wants to read it sometime. Then afterwards, we had a party! It was great! Tons of food and friends and lasted forver. She sure is loved!!
Some of Lucy's well...let's just call them cousins. They are Troy's cousins kids but we will still call them cousins to Lucy :)

Our favorite girls from our old ward. They are not twins, one is in Kinder and one in second grade. They just love Lucy!

My Aunt and my cousin Morgan

Claire, Abby, Lucy and I, and Crystal. Girls who always have my back!

Little Lucy in her blessing outfit!

The proud dad chillin with family and friends

Family pic:)

Uncle Mike with Lucy

Doesn't she look like a doll?

TRIP TO IRVINE SPECTRUM FOR THE OPENING OF PINKBERRY!! WHO HOO!! I dont have to drive to Main Place for it anymore! See below!

Aren't these little Vans cute?? This was after Pinkberry :)



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