Saturday, March 22, 2008

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Uncle Kyle came down for Aunt Crystal's baby shower and while he was here he learned a lot of new stuff dealing with babies. I documented this one, learning to change a diaper. It was very cute. He is having a boy in May, so his challenges will be a bit different, but I think he became a little more confident this weekend.

Aunt Crystal helping him.

Brotherly lessons on how to hold her and pass her off to others.
DONE! Ta-dah!

Soooo Lucy has started to talk and it is the cutest thing ever. Check out the video below too! Let me know in my comments if the video and sound work, as I do not know if they will for you. I am just learning how to do it all :) The picture above is of Lucy talking to Troy while he was at work. She is SO animated! I think you have to press the play button twice to make the video work. Make sure you have your volume up!


krischelle & jacob said...

oh my gosh!!! I absolutely LOVE that little clip of her talking!!! My heart just melts!!

Buckeyemom28 said...

Amazing that she is that vocal at her age. Absolutely adorable. I check out her pictures and she is just too cute! See you soon....too soon for you :)


Barbour said...

No it is at Fashion Island. The Easter bunny there gives books. Santa claus does the same. With the holiday they already get so much candy so it's a nice change.

Ryan and Megan said...

Hi Lucy. I was a friend of the Troy (well the whole family) growing up and i found your blog through someone elses. Your little girl is adorable!!! Congratualtions.

Megan (skeen) Spiers


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