Monday, March 31, 2008


Today we went and visited our friend Christine and her new baby ( well 5 weeks old now) Braden. He is SOOO tiny and SOOO adorable! Lucy was seriously never that small. Above she is on his activity mat enjoying tummy time.
Here is Christine and Braden. Notice he is still swimming in his clothes. ADORABLE!
Lucy was so tired of playing she fell asleep! And of course so did Braden!
But here he is right when we got to their house. Bright eyed and flirty!
Trying to check each other out!

Braden and tummy time!

Lucy and I visited one of my college roomates Annette and her son Ephraim. We thought it was hilarious because Ephraim is about the same size as Lucy, yet he is 8 months and she is only 3 months! Oh well! We had a yummy Hawaiian lunch down in Oceanside and talked about how fun it is to be mothers! The picture above is Ephraim admiring Lucy :) and below is all 4 of us!
First trip to Disneyland with Luke and Andrea. Talk about a playdate!! This was so much fun! We even got pictures with some of the characters :) Luke and Lucy were in awe of them!

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