Saturday, July 16, 2011

Easter and my 30th birthday!

I decided to post all these pictures together because I am so far behind!! Here we are the day before Easter dying our Easter eggs. Each year we sit in the same place with the same towel and this year Lucy was able to dye all the eggs herself! I was so proud of her!

Later that day we had our third annual Easter Egg Hunt with Luke Mendenhall, Lucy's friend. This year it was at his grandparents house and they had the BEST things in the eggs. They had tons of toys ( some specifically for girls, or boys) and even ones with money!
Trying not to smile. This face happens a lot lately when we are out in public. She is showing that she found her first egg.
Reading the outside of the egg, most eggs were labeled with either "Luke" or "Lucy" on them, so if they found one for the other child, they had to go give it to them.
Here Lucy was giving one of Luke's eggs to him.

Dang closed eyes! Here is Luke and his mom Andrea. Troy grew up with Andrea and her sister Dayna.
Here they are finding what is inside ALL of those eggs!
I found this super cute activity called "Resurrection Eggs" and Andrea and I both made them for Luke and Lucy. Then the grandpas read the story of the Resurrection out of the Bible and the kids were able to open up 12 different eggs that each had symbolic items in them. This was SO much fun!

They even had pictures of the different parts of the Resurrection to show the kids. It was amazing!
Easter Morning!!! Poor Stetson's basket was filled with different snack items that he can have due to his allergies. I totally would have given him chocolate if he could of handled it!

Munching on some of his goodies from his basket.
We give them every year ( Peeps ) and always end up throwing them away! Yick!
Lucy got a plant to, well, plant, in her Easter basket, so that is just what we did that morning!
She also made plants for all of her grandparents and great grandparents. This was a lot of fun to do. We painted mason jars and then put the flowers inside.
Here she is giving my mom hers.
My mom brought over Easter gifts for the kids. No, Troy is not sleeping in this picture!

One of Stetson's gifts were sunglasses!
Lucy got the BEST gift! Stilts! I LOVED these as a kid!

On our way to church wearing Easter outfits.
After church we celebrated my birthday and Easter together at Lynda and Steve's.
Blowing out my candles!

The week of my birthday we went to an Angels game together. Turning 30 wasn't bad AT ALL!!

Our Newest Addition!

Welcome Darla, our new French Bulldog! We got her July 6th, and we love her SO! Her birthday is April 6th, so currently she is about 13 weeks old.


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